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Mnangagwa's Commission political grandstanding

by Stephen Jakes
02 Sep 2018 at 10:39hrs | Views
Zapu spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa has said the recently appointed commission of inquiry into shooting on 1 August 2018 is nothing but an act of hypocrisy that lacks genuine intent.

He said the appointments smacks of maneuvers by a desperate man who seeks approval from the international community in a classic case of legitimacy hunting.

"The composition of the commission, to begin with is pregnant with attention seeking tactics by Mnangagwa following his empty Zimbabwe is open for business mantra. He seeks, through dubious appointments, recognition and approval from the international world while overlooking the people who matter the most, the Zimbabweans," he said.

"The names, which obviously did not come from Mnangagwa except two, are a clear indication outsiders are deeply involved in Zimbabwe's internal affairs. The bulk are from outside Zimbabwe. They obviously are not versed with many things Zimbabwean such as the political culture and the environment that houses our politics. How they are supposed to unravel the killings quagmire of 1 August is a mystery."

He said the  three Zimbabwean appointed to this commission are Mnangagwa's relatives and known ZANU PF activists.

"How this commission is to be independent remains another mystery considering how strong the three are on ZANU PF activism. Lovemore Madhuku, compromised by virtue of him having been a candidate, having at one time made disparaging comments about the other candidate in the same race cannot be a fit commissioner in this matter. His bias is undoubtably pro Mnangagwa and ZANU PF," he said.

"ZAPU is surprised at the composition considering the abundance of equally competent minds who could have done this job locally. We have in this country the best legal minds, ex police, ex army, teachers and even pathologists who can give us the primary evidence that indeed six people died from shooting. Mnanagwa however, conveniently has sidelined these in order for him to impress his foreign friends who have assumed the role of master on him."

He said Mnangagwa is displaying his desperation for foreign direct investment at the expense of the country's constitution, laws and general safety and welfare of Zimbabweans.

"This is synonymous with the post November administration in Zimbabwe, that has ignored rights of people and their choices of association. Protesting is fully allowed by the constitution and the heavy handedness on that fateful day is clear demonstration the military government is not prepared to protect and promote citizens rights as espoused and provided for in the constitution. It's clear demonstration they do not respect the supreme law of the land," he said.

"The people of Zimbabwe must not be hoodwinked by this and other ZANU PF commissions. It has become custom and policy to kill innocent people only to grandstand through creation of commissions. Soon after the November coup, Mnangagwa told the whole world in Davos that he had created a commission on Gukurahundi. By this he was referring to the NPRC, which he had just signed into law. The same world is still waiting for the implementation of this and the commissions results."

He said at White City stadium in Bulawayo, two people violently died after a bomb explosion at the ZANU PF rally.

"Up to now the nation and the world is completely unaware of what transpired and caused the deaths. If ever there was any commission of inquiry, it remains a secret at the army barracks or command centre, while it's results may not be publicized for the world to know. This is a blatant display of inconsistency by a man whose government desperately seeks to portray a different picture from that of Mugabe era," he said.

"The ZANU PF government is only consistent in the negative and as such, it will not be surprising if this particular commission's results are not published just like they did with the previous ones. Today the people of Matebeleland are painfully waiting for the release of results of Dumbutshena and Chihambakwe commissions which the regime sat on up to this very day. The two commissions were set by Mugabe to inquire on deaths of tens of thousands who, just like the six in Harare did not deserve to die at the hands of government."

He said People in Matebeleland and parts of Midlands were systematically dragged from their homes and butchered in broad day light.

"Pastors were pulled from the pulpit to be butchered in front of their congregations. Teachers were pulled from classrooms and butchered in front of pupils. Nurses and doctors were pulled out of hospital wards to be murdered in front of their patients. School children were killed on their way to and from school and some in classrooms. Women were killed on their way to maternity hospital, while the curfew induced hunger wiped out the elderly and children.  Only one man knows the results of these two commissions despite the gravity of this matter," he said.

"They also await the full operationalization of the much hyped NPRC so that the matter is resolved. Capacitation of this commission has taken ages while Mnangagwa is busy commissioning others whose purpose is the same as that of NPRC. We remind the people of Zimbabwe not to expect anything from this commission. It is nothing but political grandstanding filled with arrogant hypocrisy meant to impress the neo colonialist British administration of Theresa May. This he does at the expense of home grown solutions to internal problems. ZAPU grieves with the families who lost their loved ones in the 1 August barbarian attacks on citizens and calls on the perpetrators to account and face justice."

Source - Byo24News