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Dzamara and Linda Masarira clash

by Mandla Ndlovu
14 Dec 2018 at 10:21hrs | Views
MDC-T Spokesperson Linda Masarira on Thursday clashed with Rights activist Patson Dzamara over Linda's outcry that people are investing too much time in invading and analysing her social life.

Linda was responding after a video of herself drunk and threatening to beat a reveller at a bar went viral.

 "We are stuck in the mud as a people because we major on 'moralities' and holier than thou attitudes." Linda said. "We have too many life prefects and less problem solvers. The energy wasted on analysing my social life should be used productively on cross pollinating ideas on developing Zimbabwe. Have you ever heard me speaking of morality? Handirwadziwe zvekumhanya ndakadhiniwa kudhara."

Patson Dzamara responded to Linda accusing her of being and attention seeker who uses unorthodox means to be a public figure.

"The energy you waste trying to make yourself a public figure through unorthodox means and kindergarten charlatanry could as well be put to good use.
"When some fall for your theatrics and give u the public figure status that you are shockingly desperate for...then live with it."

Linda Masarira broke ranks with the opposition movement when she told the August 1 shooting Commission of Inquiry that Nelson Chamisa's MDC Alliance youths received military training in Zambia and South Africa to rise against the Government in the event that they lost the July 30 harmonised elections.

"I can speak with confidence and evidence that there are two groups who were trained to lead protest though it is said that they were trained to do an uprising in a non-violent manner which is contrary to the actions that prevailed on August 1," she said.

Since then, Linda has been at the receiving end of the opposition party members and political activist who are accusing Linda of selling hers soul to ZASNU PF in exchange of money.

Source - Byo24News