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Breakthrough for doctors finally

by Mandla Ndlovu
04 Jan 2019 at 20:14hrs | Views
The cat and mouse chase between the government and the doctors seems to have come to and end after there was an agreement on Friday on the employers and employees can engage moving forward. There are number of concessions that have been agreed on and are suppossed to be signed on Saturday.
We publish the update from the doctors below:
Today was a busy day. The first lady met with the NEC early morning in a bid to end the impasse.

The doctors clearly outlined the grievances and gave media briefing afterward just highlighting the same. Any other report other than this was clearly false...The strike is still ongoing.

Afterward there was a meeting with the deputy minister of health accompanied by reps from the presidential office. Consultant reps were also in attendance.

In the meeting the following offers were tabled:

1) Duty free certificate to be availed for all doctors. There shall however be maximum values for the cars for which the duty can be exempted

This followed a meeting which the same delegate had done with the Mr mthuli ncube and the  president office.

The maximum cap for each level i.e JRMO, SRMO, GMO, consultants is still under discussion

2) Government says they have no capacity to pay its workers in USD. It also can not give an on call adjustment at the moment because the budget was already set and there is no room for that.

 Salary adjustment to be done in April and doctors will be part of the negotiating team which shall put forward the proper adjustment during that time to cater for inflation as proposing a figure now may  be premature. This means that on call will be adjusted to suit cost of living, no figures yet. The push is to say "At the prevailing rate"

3Government to facilitate the building of new and better res for junior docs not the current poor houses they stay in
A housing scheme to be put in place for senior docs and those in districts

4) Government will provide salaries for supernumerary Registrars..List to be handed over to minister of finance for concurrence. Deadline to be set

5) Government has provided 240 GMO posts and wishes to guarantee all doctors that they will be employed

Govt will provide posts with concurrence for all senior Registrars

6) Hearings to continue next week as a gesture to respect the law but will be done by our consultants. We will not be disciplined by HSB

7) December salaries will be paid in exchange of leave days and hospitals to advance money to any individuals who may need it immidiately before the paperwork for December salaries is finished.

 all junior doctors to remain under the ministry of health, including incoming doctors

9) A health service commission to be set up, target 15 January 2019, headed by doctors. Its task shall be to  take care of docs issues and those of other medical personnel, forgoing the HSB. This commission will attend to our welfare, working hours, etc

The paramount issue of drugs and sundries awaits long term planning- however temporary measures are in place as we await further supplies

Government  encouraged all doctors to go back to work and asked the leaders to go and convey the message to the members.

We were told this is as far as the government can budge, and to take the deal, or continue battling but no further wins can come out.

Bipartite meeting due tomorrow for the said deals to be signed, with timelines of course, if agreeable

We request the trusted input of our members, and will concede only if members are agreeable

Source - Byo24News