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Sugar momma dumps Ben 10 over cheating

by Staff reporter
15 Jun 2019 at 08:36hrs | Views
ENDING a relationship is painful but when someone suffocates your happiness, the best thing to do, according to a 65-year-old granny, who was left "gutted" by her 42-year-old lover when he cheated on her, is to "red-card" him no matter how good he is to you.

According to the heartbroken sugar mama, Maureen from Bulawayo's Mpopoma suburb, cheating means being disrespectful especially by someone who was depending on her pension money for daily upkeep.

Maureen has described how she felt when she discovered that her Ben 10 Collen Mutunjwa also from Mpopoma was cheating on her with several women adding that she dumped him (Mutunjwa) after it came to her attention that he was only after her money.

As if that is not enough, Maureen said when she met Mutunjwa, three years ago, he also lied to her that he was not married.

She describes how she was desperately looking for love, at that time when she fell for Mutunjwa — believing they could spend the rest of their lives together.

"I started dating Collen in 2016 and we were happy. Things however, changed last month when I discovered that he was cheating on me with several women.

"I am a pensioner and he was using my pension money to spoil and woo those women. What also angered me is that he lied that he was not married. I dumped boyfriends of my own age to concentrate on him.

"During the subsistence of our relationship he was lying to me that he runs a chain of businesses in Masvingo, Zvishavane and Gweru. He is the type that wants a woman to look after him. Every time I asked to visit him at his place he would give me excuses such as that he should introduce me first to his family.

"He was telling me lies and I actually fell for it because he has such a sweet tongue. He was just using me," fumed Maureen who apparently claims to know the hurt of heartbreak.

The scales were lifted off her eyes last month after Mutunjwa impregnated another woman from the same suburb.

She said she gave up her previous relationships with another lover when Mutunjwa promised her that he was going to treat her like a princess.

"When we met he was all lovey-dovey and he started telling me he loved me," claims Moyo. Despite the age difference between them, Mutunjwa reportedly convinced her it would work.

"He said age was just a number and he kept drilling that into my head. He said to me as long as we love each other, that's all that matters. He made me feel good despite the fact that he was younger than me," said Maureen a mother of three, and granny.

Maureen claimed she had been spending a lot of money on him.

She added: "When I ended things he pleaded with me not to go. He ruined my life and dumping him is punishment for messing with my heart and it's also a warning to other women who might fall victim to his lies."

However, Mutunjwa refuted the allegations levelled against him and said his ex-lover made up stories after he told her he was going back to his family.

"Those allegations she has levelled against me are not true. She is just after tarnishing my image and it is one of those things that happen when a relationship gets sour. She is just bitter that things did not work out between us and that I decided to go back to my family," said Mutunjwa.

Source - bmetro