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War vets urged to take up positions in Zanu-PF

by Staff reporter
12 Aug 2019 at 07:56hrs | Views
WAR veterans have been urged to take up positions within Zanu-PF structures during the upcoming party restructuring exercise in order to ensure strong leadership.

Speaking recently during a meeting with war veterans, war collaborators and ex-detainees from Matabeleland South Province in Gwanda, Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans' Affairs Victor Matemadanda said it was high time veterans of the liberation struggle played an active role in the leadership of the party at every level. He said war veterans were now supposed to focus on leading the country they had liberated.

"The restructuring exercise will be here soon and as veterans of the liberation struggle I urge you to prepare yourselves for this exercise. It's not an offence to show interest in taking up a leadership role in the party. Don't shy away and dismiss yourselves from the restructuring exercise and say it's for certain individuals but rather take an active role. Zanu-PF is our party and let's focus on how best we can lead it," he said.

"After the contribution that you made and harsh experiences you went through in liberating this country how can you fail to be in the party structures? After the restructuring exercise I don't want to hear anyone saying they were left behind. There are many posts in the party and as veterans of the liberation struggle we should fill up all these posts. We know what it took to liberate this country and we know what has to be done to make sure it develops."  

Matemadanda applauded war veterans from across the nation for articulating their grievances well to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Defence, Home Affairs and Security Services which was on a nationwide exercise to collect information on the welfare and challenges faced by war veterans. He assured the war veterans that their concerns will be discussed in Parliament and measures will be put in place to address them.

Matemadanda said Government was now working on addressing the welfare of war veterans as some of the funds which were meant for them were diverted towards assisting Cyclone Idai victims in Chimanimani.

"We sent a Parliamentary committee so that they would hear and appreciate the challenges you are facing as veterans of the liberation struggle then they will deliberate on something they know in Parliament. I'm happy that Cdes represented us well across the country in what they were saying," he said.  

"As you saw the committee has veterans of the liberation struggle in it so we know that we are well represented in Parliament. Can you be patient in the meantime Cdes and know that there is no other party in the country that can make a decision on your welfare besides Zanu-PF. I know some of you are complaining about prices of transport and groceries but let's not sell this country just because we want transport and groceries."  

Matemadanda applauded the people of Matabeleland South Province for remaining loyal to the party thereby preserving the legacy of the late Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo.  He also spoke against tribalism and urged war veterans who had deserted Zanu-PF to return to the fold, warning them against being misled by opposition parties luring them with fake promises.

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