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Zimbabwe Ambassador to Israel honoured as a Knight

by Mandla Ndlovu
27 Sep 2020 at 22:30hrs | Views
Controversial Zimbabwe Honorary Consul to Israel Aharon Musan Levy has been appointed Knight Commander by the ruler of Uganda's Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara.

In his acceptance speech, Levy said, "After years of working in the various countries of Africa, I am honored to receive the official certificate of my appointment as Knight of The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara . It is a royal recognition that few receive, but it is a tremendous commitment to continue to work for Africa."

Levy is on record saying he is bringing Israeli military prowess to Zimbabwe to share military training especially on the field of special-forces.

Bunyoro is a Bantu kingdom in Western Uganda. It was one of the most powerful kingdoms in Central and East Africa from the 13th century to the 19th century. It is ruled by the King (Omukama) of Bunyoro-Kitara. The current ruler is Solomon Iguru I, the 27th Omukama.

The kingdom of Bunyoro was established in the early 14th century by Rukidi-Mpuga out of the after the disintegration of the Chwezi Empire or Empire of Kitara. The founders of Bunyoro were known as the Babiito, a people who succeeded the Bachwezi.

Source - Byo24News