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Man loses wife to sangoma

by Staff reporter
14 Nov 2020 at 05:46hrs | Views
IT was apparently a bad move for a Mberengwa man to accommodate a sangoma he had consulted to cleanse his wife from goblins that she claimed were sexually harassing her during the night.

This was after the man, Edgar Rwodzi, of Mawire Village, under Chief Bankwe reportedly lost his wife Tendai Matamba to the self-proclaimed sangoma Andrew Man'ombe.

Rwodzi decided to enlist the services of Man'ombe after his wife complained that when in bed she was always being poked by an evil creature with the shape of a man.

So nasty was the alleged abuse that she also claimed she was waking up wet and tired every day.

After being hired a lustful Man'ombe who also seemed to have developed an affection towards Rwodzi's wife requested that he should be accommodated at the couple's house for some days claiming Matamba required a thorough cleansing process.

The seemingly unsuspicious Rwodzi agreed to Man'ombe's request since he was desperate to have his wife cleansed.

His marriage was also on the verge of collapse because of the wife's incessant complaints that the only time she enjoyed sex was when she was making love with the goblin.

In his bid to sexually dribble past his client, a source who spoke to B-Metro said Man'ombe asked Rwodzi and his wife to sleep in separate bedrooms saying if they slept together that would disturb the cleansing process.

After separating the couple, it is reported that during the night, Man'ombe would sneak into Matamba's bedroom to indukge in sex with her under the pretext of cleansing her.

He would allegedly tell her that the sexual intercourse was the only remedy for her problem.

"One night, a suspicious Rwodzi woke up after he heard screams coming from his wife's bedroom and when he went to investigate, he was shocked when he discovered the two-Matamba and Man'ombe indulged in sex.

"He brutally assaulted them and when he later confronted his wife, she confessed that Man'ombe would regularly sneak into her bedroom and requested her to remove her clothes and indulge in sex with her as part of the cleansing process," said the source who requested anonymity.

The bashed Man'ombe, however, denied the accusations saying Matamba was the one who was inviting him to her bedroom saying her husband was sexually starving her.

He also claimed that Matamba was the one who suggested that he should be accommodated at the house under the pretext that the cleansing process needed regular attention.

Realising that Man'ombe had exposed her, Matamba reportedly packed her belongings and eloped with Man'ombe.

In a telephone interview Rwodzi confirmed the incident saying he was in the process of suing Man'ombe for betraying his trust and subsequently destroying his marriage.

"It was like a punch in the gut and I will sue him because splitting from my wife with whom I had four children with was unbearable. My relatives advised me to sue him because his (Man'ombe) actions destroyed my marriage. In fact, he knew that what he was doing would cause harm and damage my marriage," said Rwodzi.

Matamba refused to comment and requested that all questions should be referred to her alleged lover, Man'ombe.

"It's not my duty to respond to those useless allegations levelled against me. He should blame himself for not sleeping with his wife who later turned to me while complaining that their marriage had been turned to that of a sister and brother. Don't talk to me again," charged Man'ombe in a voice recording.

Source - bmetro
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