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'How much do you pay for haircut tweet nearly causes commotion'

by Staff reporter
09 Aug 2021 at 07:16hrs | Views

Former Herald editor Caesar Zvayi nearly caused commotion when he posted a tweet asking how much exiled former government minister Jonathan Moyo pays for his haircut.

To a number of Twitter trolls, the twit appeared as if Zwayi was attacking Moyo but instead it was an appreciation twit from the former editor.

After the Tweet, Moyo said, "Happy Heroes Day Cde Editor. I know this day also has an indelible personal memory, for you!"

Zwayi then explained, "Yes @ProfJNMoyo, I was going through the stories & recalled how hard you hit back. #RESPECT."

"This is an appreciation post for prof he came out guns blazing when I was booted out of Bots. I will sue whichever barber charges him full fee."
The Botswana government deported Zvayi who was a media studies lecturer at the University of Botswana because he had been included in the Zimbabwe sanctions list of the European Union. Zvayi had moved to Botswana to take up the lecturing job shortly after President Robert Mugabe's controversial re-election in a one-man poll on 27 June - prompting a public outcry in Botswana.

At The Herald Zvayi was known as fiercely loyal to Mugabe's Zanu-PF party.

In an interview after his deportation, Zvayi said that although Botswana was geographically located in Africa, politically it was a member of the EU. "In taking an action such as this, President Khama's government draws the curtain of secrecy ever tighter and reaffirms its disturbing move against the spirit of Pan-Africanism," Zvayi commented.

Source - Byo24News