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Town Clerk hints at blacklist for failed tender winners

by Staff reporter
23 May 2022 at 06:37hrs | Views
BULAWAYO Town Clerk Mr Christopher Dube has said some local companies that are awarded tenders for developmental projects are failing to deliver on agreed timelines and will be overlooked in future projects.

Mr Dube was speaking on Friday during the commissioning of 114 housing stands in Emganwini suburb.

The housing stands that were commissioned are a product of public private partnership between BCC and Natwecraft Investments, a local company run by Mr Nkululeko Moyo and his wife.

Natwecraft Investments was awarded the contract mid last year and had completed most of the works by end of the year.
Under the partnership, the city provided the land while Natwecraft Investments serviced the stands which involded roads construction and putting the sewer and water reticulation infrastructure.

Mr Dube said council has an affirmative action plan to prioritise local companies in awarding of tenders as this contributes to local economic development.

He said the position is also in line with Government's devolution thrust.

"We have an affirmative position that in council business we should have soft spot for Bulawayo companies, but it does not say only Bulawayo companies.

"We advertise to the whole world. But the challenge that we have had is that in as much as we want to do business with Bulawayo companies, we have been let down considerably by some of our companies that we want to empower," said Mr Dube.

"We have an obligation as a local authority to make sure we give preference to locals and they have an obligation to perform. Whenever we have a tender we don't just award tenders to whoever is willing to do business with us. We also look at capacity, we look at capacity in terms of finance and also in terms of materials and equipment."

He said the public also expects the council to provide contracts to local companies hence they should know the challenges they present.

Mr Dube commended Natwecraft Investments directors for completing their project within stipulated timelines.

‘I'm happy to say it was our first partnership with you Mr Moyo in this kind of project and you completed it in record time. So whenever we have such projects and partnership is required, we will not have any problems going into partnerships with you. But alas for those who have let us down, we will pretend as if we don't know you.

"We have an obligation also to perform. You are very much aware that we have got 100 000 people on the waiting list who want the same services and if we give the projects to companies who are non-performers, we are shooting ourselves in the foot," said Mr Dube.

"So those companies who are already existing and those companies who are yet to come because we want local companies to come and do business with us, please do what you are expected to do. Please don't disappoint us."

He said following the performance contracts that Government introduced to improve service delivery, BCC is expected to deliver 3 000 stands annually to reduce the housing demand.

President Mnangagwa introduced performance contracts in public service as part of his thrust to ensure that public service officials including Ministers, permanent secretaries, university vice chancellors, chief executive officers of public entities and councils deliver in order to stir the country towards an upper middle income economy by 2030.

Mr Dube said other companies that were awarded similar contracts have an obligation to deliver.

"We have eight other companies in similar partnerships and we expect them to perform. We have a performance contract which is known by all of you which we all signed as local authorities with the Minister (of Local Government and Public Works July Moyo)."

Source - The Chronicle
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