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AU failing to rein in rogue regimes, says Zapu

by Staff reporter
26 May 2022 at 06:27hrs | Views
THE opposition Zapu party, led by Sibangilizwe Nkomo, has accused the African Union (AU) of deviating from its objectives of uniting Africans by failing to rein in oppressive regimes.

In a statement yesterday to commemorate Africa Day, Zapu spokesperson Mso Ndlovu said the 59th Africa Day celebrations were taking place as rogue regimes calling themselves liberation movements were busy violating citizens' rights.

"Not only did they stampede around the feeding trough, but they have reduced the AU to an old boys club to protect and insulate even the most mischievous despots in Africa," Ndlovu said.

"The AU has failed dismally to call to order regimes that acquire and retain power through the most undemocratic means. They remain silent when fellow Africans are killed, raped and abused by their governments for demanding justice and economic opportunities," he said.

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party has been in power for 42 years since the country attained independence in 1980 and has gone through years of disputed elections, genocide in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces and many episodes of serious human rights abuses such as the violent 2000 land invasions. Despite all this the party has clung to power.

Ndlovu said the AU was exporting more human capital than finished products due to the running down of economies by liberation movements that keep clinging to power.

"It is sad that Mother Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources but has the poorest people. Vices like tribalism and xenophobia have now pervaded African society. African governments openly participate and feed the spirit of tribalism in the hope of harvesting votes from the majority. When the minority migrates to seek sanctuary in fellow African countries, they are confronted with horrific xenophobia where brother burns brother," Ndlovu said.

Zapu also accused the liberation movements of being so power obsessed that they have reduced their countries to very low levels to the extent of failing to combat diseases.

"We now have to rely on the same colonisers to save our people. It is worrying that 59 years later, Africa is still importing food from nations with less arable land than its land because it has not invested in water and solar harvesting. Our generation must now define its own liberation and fight to recover a future being stolen in broad daylight by our own liberators working in cahoots with our former colonisers," Ndlovu added.

Source - NewsDay Zimbabwe
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