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ZLHR on the payroll of the United States?

by Staff reporter
29 Oct 2022 at 19:36hrs | Views
IN a shocking admission, Mr Macdonald Moyo of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights has admitted that his organisation is on the payroll of the United States, bringing to the fore the nexus between so-called human rights defenders and hostile countries that are determined to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

The Freudian slip, from Mr Moyo at the 73rd session of the African Commission on Human Rights, although it left delegates shell-shocked, confirms the long held view that the US, that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, is clandestinely working with some organizations to destabilize the country.

Mr Moyo sought to justify the funding from the US Government by alleging that the Government of Zimbabwe also receives funding from the same source.

"The Government of Zimbabwe receives money from the same source, yet when we receive funds from the US they don't want," said Mr Moyo.

Shocked delegates had to stop Mr Moyo in his tracks advising him that his submission was out of context as it deviated from the topic which was on economic rights.

However, this explains the illegal economic sanctions that were unilaterally imposed by the US as punishment for the land reform programme that corrected colonial land inequities.

Observers noted that the confession by Mr Moyo spotlights the so-called NGOs as nothing but agents of foreign interests, specifically that of the US, which wants to subvert the country's constitution and impose a puppet regime.

Source - The Herald