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CCC MPs 'bribe' Tshabangu to evade recalls

by Staff reporter
27 Oct 2023 at 18:49hrs | Views
Allegations have surfaced that desperate members of the CCC, embroiled in internal factional strife, are attempting to offer bribes to the interim secretary-general, Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu, in a bid to avoid being recalled from Parliament.

One of the individuals implicated in this alleged bribery scandal is Mr. Thomas Muwodzeri, a legislator representing Ruwa constituency, who is rumored to have proffered a sum of US$10,000 to secure his position in Parliament.

Mr. Tshabangu acknowledged that CCC legislators were approaching him in an attempt to gain his favor, saying, "They are coming to me and saying, 'SG, please, we complied and returned to Parliament as you had previously indicated. Please, do not initiate our recall.'"

In response to the accusations of a US$10,000 bribe, Mr. Muwodzeri characterized them as stemming from internal disputes. He contended that he lacked the financial means to make such a payment and stated, "This issue is an internal matter. It cannot be attributed to any external party or entity. It involves individuals with whom I was competing, and they are the ones making these allegations."

Source - The Herald