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Vladimir Putin is a true, dependable friend, says Zimbabwe

by Staff reporter
21 Mar 2024 at 09:21hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa hailed his counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as a "true, reliable friend" following Russia's donation of fertilizer and grain to Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe received a generous donation of 25,000 tonnes of wheat and 23,000 tonnes of fertilizer from Russia, reflecting Russia's commitment to supporting African nations.

Mnangagwa dismissed critics who oppose the friendship between the two countries, labeling their objections as "nonsense." He emphasized that despite facing sanctions, Zimbabwe and Russia would continue to engage and cooperate.

The bond between Zimbabwe and Russia dates back to the liberation struggle era when Russia actively trained Zimbabwean fighters against colonialism. This historic relationship has evolved into mutually beneficial cooperation across various sectors of the economy.

Despite enduring sanctions for 23 years, Mnangagwa praised Russia as a steadfast ally to Zimbabwe, providing unwavering support.

Agriculture minister Anxious Masuka expressed gratitude to Russia for the assistance, acknowledging the logistical challenges involved in transporting the donation.

Zimbabwe currently holds 190,000 metric tonnes of cereal in its grain reserves but faces challenges due to an El NiƱo-induced drought. Millions of people require food aid as a result.

Mnangagwa highlighted the government's decision to prioritize wheat-based food security interventions due to climate change and drought. He expressed eagerness to expand partnerships with Russia to enhance irrigation capacity and modernize the agriculture sector.

Source - newzimbabwe