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Vapostori4ED, Mthwakazi clash

by Staff reporter
13 Jun 2024 at 02:08hrs | Views
The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has been accused by shadowy Zanu-PF church affiliates of intimidating their members during raids on unregistered "bush churches" in Bulawayo. The MRP conducted these raids, targeting churches using open spaces without ablution facilities and accused of conducting disturbing rituals.

In response, Vapostori4ED, MaZion4ED, and the National Judicial Council of Vapostori accused the MRP of harassment and violating the constitutional rights of Vapostori and MaZion worshippers. They emphasized that only the government and the Bulawayo City Council should manage issues related to open space churches and their believers.

The Zanu-PF affiliates claimed that several apostolic sects had applied to the Bulawayo City Council for land to regularize their places of worship and were working with environmental health technicians to meet health requirements, including building ablution facilities.

They called for unity and respect among citizens, urging all parties to refrain from actions that divide communities and infringe on others' rights.

MRP president Mqondisi Moyo denied political motivations behind their clean-up campaign, asserting it was aimed at improving the environment in Matabeleland.

Bulawayo's deputy mayor Edwin Ndlovu acknowledged the issue but said he needed more information before commenting.

The Bulawayo City Council has also conducted raids on open air churches, accusing them of environmental pollution.

Last month, Vapostori4ED spokesperson Obey Mapuranga appealed to the government to protect them from harassment by council authorities, noting Zanu-PF's support among apostolic sects.

Source - newsday