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Zimbabwe police to use brutal force

by Freeman Razemba
12 Aug 2016 at 08:13hrs | Views
POLICE will not hesitate to use "force on rogue" elements bent on disturbing peace and tranquillity in the country, Commissioner- General Dr Augustine Chihuri said yesterday. He said those who wanted to cause disorder in the country should not cry foul and label the force as "brutal" when they enforce peace.

"Safeguard the peace we have because when lost, it's difficult to regain. I appeal to Zimbabweans to take note of this, to look at what they are doing, whether they're contributing to peace or they're undermining it. When that happens we show up. What we do is we will force you because we know and understand what it means (to safeguard peace).

"We will force you to respect peace and orderliness. People must not complain and say police are brutal. We're not brutal, we're there to ensure that peace prevails all the time. If you want to cause disorder, blame yourself," said Dr Chihuri while addressing senior officers in Harare.

He said there were some groups and individuals he labelled as "loudmouths" who used the social media to disturb peace and encourage disorder in the country. Others, Dr Chihuri said, decided to go to the diaspora but continued to meddle with the internal affairs of the country.

"Challenges come and go. There is hardly a nation without any challenges. If the situation was greener in the diaspora, people there wouldn't be complaining. They are complaining because the situation is tough there too.

"They're not here at home. So if the diaspora is so comfortable, so why? Why are you complaining about what's happening here? It's a clear indication that the situation is tough there too," he said.

Dr Chihuri added: "We know what is happening there. They work more than three jobs and so they went into voluntary slavery and they want to forget that peace is necessary. "Let them come back and enjoy the peace so that we can work together to build our own country rather than complaining and becoming agents of violence."

He said toyi-toying along the streets would not put bread on the table.

Last week, scores of people were injured, while property worth thousands of dollars — including vehicles — was damaged when shadowy groups, civil society organisations and MDC-T supporters ran amok during demonstrations against the proposed introduction of bond notes and unemployment in Harare.

United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Harry Thomas Jr and his French counterpart, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, were accused of having a hand in last month's disturbances in Harare and Bulawayo.

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