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MDC Youths rally behind Job Sikhala

by Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
09 Jul 2019 at 10:28hrs | Views
The MDC Youth Assembly is riled by the state and ZANU PF's overtures to flagrantly and wantonly disregard the right to freedom of expression through the ill thought move to charge MDC National Vice Chair, Job Sikhala with treason.

Having listened and re-listened to Honorable Sikhala's Bikita rally statements, we found it shocking that the panic stricken military junta intends to slap our National Vice Chair with treason charges.

It is not a secret that as a  party our end game which is in sync with the people's agenda is to remove a failed ZANU PF government from power.

While MDC believes in non-violence, legality and constitutionalism as has already been buttressed by our deputy National spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka, the party is also deeply anchored in values and ethos of social democracy.

Solidarity with the downtrodden is one of those values!

As such, the Assembly and the party in general has an obligation to stand in solidarity with long suffering masses whose nervous conditions we all know is a direct result of a bastion of governance failure by ZANU PF.

That Honorable Sikhala chose the words "overthrow of Emmerson Mnangagwa" instead of subtle adjectives is an issue of semantics.

The bottom line is that people are sick and tired of the whole ZANU PF system and henceforth its removal or "overthrow" through constitutional means is long overdue!

What Honorable Sikhala said is just a mirror reflection of the sentiments of the ordinary people in the country.

People are groaning under the ZANU PF yoke and their loud cries have one thing in common- "ZANU PF is corrupt and must go!".

Honorable Job Sikhala only amplified the people's position that ZANU PF and Emmerson Mnangagwa should be overthrown albeit through constitutional means if the country to move forward.

As an Assembly we would like to warn Simon Khaya Moyo and his sinking ZANU PF ship that any reckless overtures to decimate opposition figures like Sikhala on flimsy treason charges will be repelled by equal force.

If anything, a Sikhala illegal arrest will be our own Sarajevo moment that the country desperately awaits.

Mr Khaya Moyo should be reminded that another November 2017 is possible in our life time!

The voice of people is the voice of God!

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

Source - Byo24News