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MDC agenda in Mthwakazi is clear

by Stephen Jakes
09 Aug 2018 at 09:09hrs | Views
Mthwakazi activists Hloniphani Ncube have said he is surprised by people who still on this day makes it an issue when MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa seeks to appoint Shona councillors to lead Mthwakazi.

He said to him MDC is a clear extension of ZANU PF, or in simple they are different sides of the same coin or they have the same mentality running in their blood. In spite of the differences in appearance they are all made up of the similar metal.

"ZANU PF is aware of the fact that, the people of Mthwakazi need their freedom restored and to appease the people, they brought on MDC a pain killer that stop the pain for a short time. MDC Alliance or whatever you can call it is simple an extention of ZANU PF and they are conformable on being the opposition party as long as they exist," he said.

"In 2013 alone, MDC T which was then led by Morgan Tsvangirai fielded 14 Shona councillors and some of our people including Thokozani Khuphe saw nothing wrong about that because they were blinded by the anticipation of removing ZANU PF which started in 1999 up to date. Due to the fact that our people are more focused on removing ZANU PF a dream which would exist forever as long as we do not wake up and become real. In the recent elections MDC Tsvangirai realised that, if Welshman Ncube was left behind and other Mthwakazi small parties their win was not certain. They regroup and preached the same message and imported more Shona councillors. I think if I am right they are now 19 which is 2/3 majority."

He said when they were campaigning if ever Welshman addressed Shona people in his language he was stopped or humiliated.

"To him that was nothing and his goal was to remove ZANU PF. In simple both MDC and ZANU PF are implementing the 1979 grand plan. So having a Shona mayor is the ultimate goal. They are towards ensuring the total Shonalisation of Mthwakazi. It's only in Mthwakazi whereby we are led by people from other regions voted by our people and defended by our very own because of the pleasures of money. If we highlight it we are labelled," he said.

Source - Byo24News