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Fake faith healer bashed as snake trick fails

by Staff Report
11 Jan 2022 at 14:18hrs | Views
A self-styled Dzivaresekwa-based faith healer was on Saturday bashed in Chinhoyi after his tricks, where he fooled people he had removed snakes from their homes, were exposed.

Madzibaba Mose went to Chinhoyi on Saturday with the intention to hold a cleansing ceremony.

All hell broke loose when his tricks were exposed.

Efforts to get in touch with him were fruitless but his shenanigans were exposed through a video recorded by the victims.

In the video he is seen confessing while being beaten.

"Bring that snake! Taura kuti nyoka yedu iyi, taurai mese kuti nyoka yedu iyi (tell people that this snake is yours).

"Tafadzwa is the one who I work with and I asked him how it's done.

"He then told me that I have to look for people who can do it.

"I asked my fellow colleagues that munorova basa here, uyu aimbonamata before ndokubva adzokera munyika.

"He agreed that that they know how it's done and we agreed to come here since I have been doing this," he said.

Added Madzibaba Mose:

"They told me that they know how to exorcise evil spirits and vanobata zvinhu.

"Things are not well with me, but my team said vanobata zvinhu pamweya kuti tiwanewo mari, I am pleading to come and confess at the shrine.

"We have done it at five houses with other guys.

"I did with another guy called Efinage who has since gone to South Africa over these issues.

"He was calling himself a detective. We have conducted five fake cases in White Cliff close to White House.

"My name is Ebaden," he confessed.

A close source told H-Metro that, Madzibaba Mose is in a habit to con unsuspecting people through using snakes they would have planted.

"They went to Chinhoyi with the intention to perform a cleansing ceremony at a certain house.

"It is alleged that they had their snake but I don't know how they were apprehended.

"He stays in DZ and he calls himself Madzibaba; he normally goes kuMasowe and they have been doing this as a team of three.

"So there was another Madzibaba at the same house who exposed them."

Added another source:

"So these guys arrive at your house and act as if they are praying, they can even remove flesh or scary things from your body.

"On this day it turned out that the victims knew about their actions.

"This is their way of living where they pretend as if they have removed troubling goblins which they would have brought," said the source.

Another source said:

"Madzibaba Mose approached some guys who are also doing this and he asked them how they can do it.

"They have done it to many houses and on this day they were exposed and got beaten," said the source.

Source - H-Metro