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In memory of Mrs Elsie Zulu: Trinity Explained

20 Jun 2018 at 10:52hrs | Views
Mrs Elsie Zulu was the incarnate of Holy Messenger Janet from the night of 1 February 1961. This only became apparent to some in Guta Ra Mwari congregation (Guta Ra Jehovah then) in the afternoon of February 2 1961 when Janet proclaimed through Mrs Zulu that God had returned in the Human form.

The name Janet originates from the Hebrew name Jane which means "God is merciful". While it used to be popular in the early 20th century, its popularity has since declined in the 21st century. Those in the know, may actually name their children after Elsie Zulu, a humble and trustworthy servant of God. This may be done to preserve the legacy but also with the hope that her defining character may permeate in their children and current generations.

Where do Holy Messengers (Spirit) get names? Others would know of many Holy Messengers in the spiritual form with earthly names such Janet, Gabriel, Mirriam etc. Here is how it begins.

Human beings are born on earth. What is known as a human being is usually the combination of a soul and physical body. However, the truth of the matter is that a soul is what gives the body life. So, a human being is the soul. The souls together with the body in which it dwells may be referred to as a human-being in the same way that a can of coke together with the coke liquid in it is referred to as coke. It is the soul that is created in the image of God as others would say. In Guta Ra Mwari we now know that the soul is not necessarily God's image but His appendage. The term 'image' creates an impression that the two are not necessarily the same. It is different where the soul and God are concerned. In the book of Genesis, it reads, "And God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being (Genesis 2:7). In other words, without the breath which is a part of God, the body of a human would not have had life. God's breath became the soul that dwelt in a physical body, gave it life and thereafter named Adam. Thus, the soul (human) and God are one. Hence, the soul can be understood as God's appendage not image.

The existence of a soul in the physical body on earth is time limited. At the right time, the soul departs from the body in what lay people would refer to as death. At this point, the body becomes useless and eventually gets disposed of usually through what is known as burial. There are various other ways of disposing the body i.e. cremation depending on various cultures.

The departure of the soul from the body does not at all mark the end of its existence. Instead, the soul transcends to the spiritual world. The spiritual world is divided into two a) the lower atmosphere and b) the upper atmosphere.

The direction that the departed soul takes is determined by the kind of life-style that the soul led while in its physical body. Since the soul is God's appendage, it means that it is originally holy. However, if the life style led by the soul before its departure from the physical body was such that it eroded the Holy spirit in which the soul is imbued, then upon its departure the soul remains in the lower atmosphere with a chance of being reborn in a new physical body by members of its bloodline or simply incarnate a living person and be a tenant in another's body.

If the kind of life-style led by the soul before its departure from the physical body preserved the Holy Spirit in it, then the soul transcends to the upper atmosphere. While the preserved Holy Spirit in one's soul returns to God, the soul enters Heaven of the selected few. In Heaven, the soul transforms and becomes the Holy Spirit in the likeness of the physical body from which it departed.

At this juncture where the soul has transformed, the earthly name is retained, i.e., John, Mandla, Mpilo, Nyasha etc. This is how we get earthly names associated with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit in this form awaits to be deployed by God as per His Will.

His Will may be that a certain departed soul that has transformed to Holy Spirit be deployed back on earth to further His Will. The assignment may include that such a Spirit with an earthly name incarnates a chosen living human being with their own earthly name. This is how we get to understand Holy Messenger Janet where Janet is the Holy Spirit that was deployed to incarnate Elsie Zulu.

At that point, in Elsie Zulu's physical body, there was Elsie Zulu the soul and Janet the deployed Holy Spirit. As such, there were three spirits in a single body. The first being Elsie's soul, the second was the Holy Spirit that every other normal healthy soul has and the third was Janet the deployed Holy Messenger. This is known as trinity.

Now that Elsie Zulu has passed on, the trinity is no longer in existence. The three spirits have departed from Elsie's physical body that will shortly be disposed of. The spirits have transcended to the upper atmosphere. The upper atmosphere is also divided into three compartments. 1. God' Place, 2. Janet's Congregation, 3. Holy Solders' Division. This is called Heaven.

The departed soul that enters the upper atmosphere (Heaven) is selected to enter any one of the three divisions following the type/quality of their deeds while on earth. The selecting authority is God.

We therefore do not doubt that Mrs Elsie Zulu has entered Janet's Congregation together with the Holy Messenger Janet with whom she lived in one body. Janet's congregation is named after Holy Messenger Janet who had incarnated Elsie Zulu. In God's Place, we are told that only those who were once used as His Hosts on earth are permitted entry. These may include the likes of Jesus, Moses and others. While it is common for people to have Holy Spirit in them, it is a rare occurrence to have God's Host among people.

For the rest of us remaining on earth, we can only wonder on the kind of joy that took place in Janet's Congregation on the day the trinity in Elsie Zulu's body departed from earth (15.6.2018). We nonetheless wish and ask God to bless us with the humility and loyalty that characterised Elsie Zulu until such time that we depart from our bodies.

Mpumelelo Ncube writes in his personal capacity on the occasion of the departure of Holy Messenger Janet.

Source - Mpumelelo Ncube
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