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Why deploy army in Matabeleland on christmas eve

28 Dec 2016 at 08:07hrs | Views
MLO was astounded after the oppressive government of Zimbabwe deployed heavily armed soldiers driving in armoured war trucks to patrol the streets in the Bulawayo high density suburbs on christmas eve. We condemn these intimidating tactics and bullish behaviour.

The army in full war gear and fingers on the trigger, was spotted driving menacingly slowly and aimlessly in the streets of Nkulumane, Makhandeni, Lobhengula, Pumula, Mzilikazi and Makokoba on 24 December spoiling the festive mood.

MLO demands to know from the government of Zimbabwe currently led by Acting President Mnangagwa in the absence of the Chief genocidaire, President Robert Mugabe, as to what was the mission of the army and why it was only deployed in Matabeleland while people in Mashonaland were enjoying the festive season in peace without any disturbances? How much are people of Matabeleland a threat to state security when they have never harmed even a fly than the those in Harare who burned tyres and police vehicles, looted shops, beat and killed the police?

It is on record that the Zimbabwe National Army and the people of Matabeleland are not in good books. Their motto says "Our swords are the shield of the nation." But in Matabeleland they have a history of using these swords not to protect or defend the people but to commit genocide and gory acts like rape, torture, burning homes, displacing and scattering the people of Matabeleland all over the world.

MLO knows fully well that the Zimbabwe government and its army which is hell bent on reducing the population or totally annihilating Matebeles will never protect us. We know fully well that the army was deployed to intimidate the masses not to express their feelings on the issue of Matabeleland genocide and to suppress the voices demanding the restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland. The genocidists must learn from Victor Hugo's who once said, "no army can stop an idea whose time has come." The army has shamefully withdrawn to its barracks but the idea of re-establishing the statehood of Matabeleland remains intact and untouched. People of Matabeleland remain resolute and more determined to break the chains of oppression.

We are also aware that during the absence of President Mugabe the government and the army is run by fellow Matabele haters and genocide perpetrators like VP Mnangagwa, Dominic Chinhenge(name used during Matebeleland genocide) aka General Constantine Chiwenga who recently changed his name again to Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga, Perence Shiri and others. We hope General Chiwenga knows that changing names will not protect him from prosecution for genocide crimes in Matabeleland.

With political, military and economic power in the hands of genocide perpetrators and known human rights abusers who openly boast of having degrees in violence, the second genocide is always imminent and the lives of the civilians of Matabeleland are at risk. The fact that they are allowed to walk the streets and run the show while their hands are dripping with blood of innocent Matebele civilians gives them the licence and green light to continually intimidate, molest, torture and kill innocent people. Events similar to those seen in the streets of Bulawayo on christmas eve when people celebrated christmas at gun point will be the order of the day when murderers and rapists are in power especially when they receive massive cheering from their supporters in Mashonaland.

When the lives of the people of Matabeleland who have gone through genocide, marginalisation, tribal segregation and domination are in danger, it is the duty of MLO together with the oppressed people of Matabeleland, to assemble 30 000 strong Matabeleland defence forces, 10 000 member police force, 5000 Central Intelligence Bureau officers and 5000 correctional services officers to defend and protect our political integrity. This was proposed by the President of MLO Cde Paul Siwela and needs to be implemented as soon as possible. All able bodied men and women from Matebeleland must answer to this call in due course at the most appropriate time.

We urge all our citizens to be the eyes and ears for the revolution and spread the gospel of Matebeleland Statehood Restoration inside and outside the country and gear up to strike fear into the heart of our oppressors.

Izenze kungamazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs.

Source - Israel Dube
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