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Gropping, Gripping, Grapping or Grouping: the Politics of Developing Social Underdevelopment in Zimbabwe?

30 Dec 2016 at 18:12hrs | Views
As 2016 closes we have to ask a question: What do ordinary or normal thinking Zimbabweans, without invested interest in this madness say regarding the country condition and its politics of sordid brutality and cruelty. The answer I got, is loud and clear. It ranged from its pathetic, it's a shame, its embarrassing its traumatic, a typical failing state. In many ways than one the answer shows a giving up spirit, even on the part of those supposedly leading opposition politics. Zimbabwe situation is our own creation from greedy, vanity and willpower to bitterly subdue others than elevating them up. Our masses have a bitter story to tell at the end of this saga.

From being able to buy and eat bread, it honestly can be said without shame that eating bread is a luxury that has met with extreme tirvializing from Zanu and surrogates What becomes more diabolical than political is when Zanu Pf wants to blame her failures on the lack of patriotism from those residing in western worlds and attributing Zanu failure to unfair actions taken by western communities on Zimbabwe. This is an old irrelevant story. For on another extreme side we have never head the infamous President Robert Mugabe decrying the lack of medicine in the country or the bewailing flight of doctors from hospital and industry from the country. These are things Zanu has failed to manage irrespective of how they may want to pass the buck by blaming the western nations or opposition politics. Sadly, the opposition politics has conceded to some of this unfounded propaganda to an extend, due to lack of open journalism, the masses has fallen into this political cabbage.

Unfortunately, the victims are the ordinary people and not Zanu and her surrogates. Whether we like it or not, the missing of moneys in small sums or big sums has had a cumulative effect on the nation's economy and hence the nation is broke and broken. The mysterious disappearance of the 15 Billion of USD sums on allegedly diamond minerals in Zimbabwe in 2014 and 2015 appears a fiction story that will die a natural death. No doubt there must a relationship to the ambition of hanging on to power by Zanu and these spirals of corruption ongoing in high places that no revelations could ever be done except when Zanu is beaten. The weakness of Zimbabwe opposition politics is harshly indicted here by its failure to carry a strong quantitative follow up and ask for resignation of government over failure to account for national wealth while masses are dying of poverty, neglect and without strategy for a sustainable development plan on the economy.

Except for Zanu Pf surrogates, who obviously are beneficiaries on the length of Mr. Mugabe's stay in power; many of Zimbabweans focus on what next day has to offer in order to put food on the table and live on.  A prevailing, no one cares if you die spirit, is audible. A resigned spirit even in Zanu, except for their growing culture on corruption and vanity, is visible loaded with questions of how long the situation of the country's poor governance will endure. The saddest aspect of Zimbabwe politics is that the strata of intelligentsia is entrenched in the culture of corruption and vanity. Here, we are looking at all service chiefs and high ranking officials in the army, Central Intelligence Agents (CIO), police, secret service guys and Prison services top guys who have silent benefit packages including an allocation to undisclosed thousands and thousands of hectares of land.

Even though Zanu would want to play an-all-is well Dutch-courage approach to the country condition and economic turn around, ground events are very worrying to the poor because the coming 2018 elections will be sorrowful, brutal and savage since Zanu realizes she either fights the odds or she will be taken out and many of these officials will likely be put on trial for bankrupting the country's economy. While it used to appear vindictive to bring culprits on poor governance to justice, it no longer is a case of debate for honesty leadership if we are to talk of justice being seen to be done than merely becoming a talking point in the history of Zimbabwean politics on economic pillage.

What, though, is more worrying is the politics of divisions compounded by short sighted persons who legitimately took part in the liberation struggle, but who never understood the dynamics in politics of decay, and if they did, it was nicer then than now. Lack of sight and vision is always a danger that creates much painful talking, which in itself only succeeds in producing political lethargy, silence and trauma from defeatism and resignation that promises the waiting approach to the soon to die mentality. Inevitably, the country will witness many persons both abroad and inside the country, going insane from the failure to fully grasp the contradictions of a neoliberal nationalists like Comrade Robert Mugabe and his age mates whose misguidance to policy had both a basis of ignorance and self preservation motives.  

The sad factor is that opposition has become an organized debate crew who cannot in honesty fathom the spirit of "bring-to-revelation' the simple truth on corruption statics of how Mr. Mugabe and many others can claim to be billionaires in thirty years on a salary of less than hundred thousand USD annually. If much study was done to expose corruption it would have shaken the heart of bad politics in Zimbabwe, revealing a team of honesty and sincere soldiers constantly fighting for freedom. As is, it is a case of how much "economic-dirt" exists even among those in opposition politics who cannot account for to their meteorological success. Some, in opposition politics who virtually could not afford a two pairs of shoes to themselves now put quality suites far more than at any time of their entire career. This supersonic rise in both income and fame of status suggests that politics of poverty accrues power to the top unashamedly as well as funds with zero questioning from the grassroots. The struggle of any independence was meant to raise awareness and reduce poverty in distribution of incomes and wealth which never happens.

The ones who know more truth on prevailing social injustices in any oppressed country, but due to circumstances in none discriminatory brutality that systematically are aimed randomly at critics of corruption than on the ideology of opposition politics, are the masses. They are the people one would reasonably refer to as the "People In Between" whose vision for honesty and truth wavers between temptations of being used by the system and then thrown out, or being discarded even though they are enslaved into being willful supporters who should, by force, attend political rallies. With many who are honesty and truthful, and yet suffer from systematic elimination processes staged managed from Zanu offices, the masses rationale in political apathy and fatigue can on face value be justified.

People today focus on either survival knowing Zanu does not care or looking at the way to leave the country into exile. The fact that Zanu has strengthened her alliance in corruption with top officers in various ministries and services chiefs mean that unless pushed from outside by an outside force, Zanu can rule over the people for as long as she wishes.

One solution untried is that of strength of opposition politics based on literacy of factual propaganda in areas of government corruption, vanity and bribery as well as threat to any whistle blowers on secrecy of who is involved behind corruption. Inevitably the government of Zimbabwe has owned the media and fought against free media establishing herself in the country. The history of the Zimbabwe independent news media has had numerous bombing and closure from government itself than from business trading failures.

It is hard to imagine a culture of transparency, accountability and integrity strictly adhered to by any of our opposition politics as currently composed. Except for political expedience the need and purpose of running a Transitional government based on a team of technical personnel who have no allegiance to any political party is the only politically viable method to growing a transparent democracy in Zimbabwe. To many Zimbabweans admire what Mr. Mugabe fought to enrich himself as a sane way of self rewarding.  People with best ethics on best practices in governance, not necessarily too rich or poor but with knowledge on how it is to make money, build team work and account for deliverables.

Source - Andrew M Manyevere
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