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We want new names! We want new blood in our Zimbabwe politics! Period!

13 Feb 2017 at 23:33hrs | Views
When Noviolet Bulawayo talked about "We want names": she must have known what she was talking about. The young woman was spot on! This statement is in as much as it is relevant in her book as it is relevant our Zimbabwe political discourses. That is a perfect message a writer can reach us in our search for new blood to dominate our future. Comrade Margaret Dongo spoke about the same wish: the hopes to engage our future leaders who are younger generations to take this country to a much better and higher levels that we are today. I concur with her wishes fully. The majority of the population wish Mugabe must go!

To still be told that Robert Mugabe is still able to execute government duties is wholly laughable and stupid, we are a laughing stoke to the world at large for not removing this mad cow as a leader. Donald Trump is 70 years old but he is challenged by the government responsibilities regarding modern political discourses. He is seriously backward in his limited thinking of good governance. Indeed Mugabe with 93 years is a global joke to still be the president of fast growing social and economic global transformations.

It is not only Mugabe who must quit our political platform, indeed all of them old politicians. We want none of you in our politics. You have failed us big time. Old politicians are a mass of confusion and wholly self serving; but they are purporting to be leaders of very intricate economies of global significance. We now know that they are all made of the same cloth. They suffer the same sickness: clinging to power at all cost because in Zimbabwe and perhaps in many Africa countries politics is food, it is the gate way to riches and political relevance: it is the means to still live a posh life at the expense of the majority poor.

We want Mugabe out, we want Mnagagwa out, we want Phelezela Mphoko out, we want Sekeramai out, we want all criminal politicians in Zanu PF out of our political landscape.  We want Amai Mahofa out, We want Grace Mugabe out of the State House. We want Tsvangirai out, we want Dabengwa out, we want Mujuru out, we want murderer Mutasa out, we want Rugare Gumbo out, we want Welshman Ncube out, we want all those in the security top brass out because they influence our politics and are wholly partisan in executing their military duties. We want a clean slate that will be filled by new names and a young generation, young blood.

We want a blank slate, a slate with new names of younger generation and not those who still are of the opinion that holding war credentials; liberation credentials is a gateway to become the president of this great country. We are just tired of incompetent, selfish, old tired politicians who have not given any commendable service to the people of this great country since independence. They do not even conceal how they amass themselves with riches looted from the state coffers. They can afford to make big joke about the looted 15 billion dollars from the diamonds sales without single trace of shame on their tongues.

It has come to our realization that all politicians even from opposition parties are drunk with power by clinging to politics even if all signs are that they should quit and give way to younger generation of very able people. We had hoped too that in opposition politics they were going to show the difference between Zanu PF way of thinking and their own different way of doing politics, it appears the hymn book of Zanu PF is so strong it has contaminated the opposition parties equally. They are just drunk with any position one holds in any party it did not matter how small and irrelevant that party is to the general populace.

It's not so much that the general population are a gullible lot, in retrospect we really know what we want; we are just stuck with old wines in old bottles: the wine tastes lousy: tastes like white wine left open for 99 years, we are supposed to drink this without complaining. The demonstrations of last year really show that we have a despotic regime that will kill to remain in power even if the overly failed President of this country is celebrating his 93 years this month! People were brutalized into submission: meting unrestrained and total fear of ever revolting and say it is enough of the old cruel, irresponsible, satanic, crude, evil leadership of Zanu PF.  Some people were beaten to near death just by exercising their right to demonstrate and say their displeasure in ill governance We are seeing nothing better in Mujuru as she is showing signs of a well fed Zanu PF way of leadership.  

Some anonymous commentary in Harare24 said: Zanu PF has tormented the people of Zimbabwe to no end in sight. As a result we are light years away of credible social and economic development.

I travelled to East German part of Germany this last weekend. I was in Mühlhausen some small settlement near Nordhausen where I did my A-Level equivalence: Abitur. What struck me most are the efforts being put in place of redeveloping East Germany to the level of Western part of Germany. Billions of Euros: commonly known as Solidarity funds from the tax payer were set solely to redevelop East Germany. It is 27 years now since the Berlin-Wall fell, but the government of Germany is still finding it challenging to modernize that part of history to the standards of the other part of Germany.

I just asked myself one question: if a modern: rich, economically sound, the best in Europe: Germany, is taking this long to bring about modernization in the East part of Germany: called East Germany back then;  what will be the magic bullet to bring development in Zimbabwe to standards of development Smith Regime left, first of all?  Zimbabwe is no match to Germany! The country is debt ridden in billions of dollars, no lines of credit, whatever revenues that were got through the sales of diamonds were openly looted by the powers that be, are openly gloating about  looting it right now. I do not want to appear pessimistic at all but we have great challenges ahead of us, first claiming our democracy back, taking the reins of power and democratically giving it to responsible hands and start from scratch:  the social and economic development for the good of all in the country.

It is only young brains and young minds and new names that will take Zimbabwe forward. Amai Mujuru has no knowledge whatsoever of bring meaningful development in the country. It is one thing to have your doctorate written for you and proudly display academic credentials to all in the world. But it is another thing to bring meaning social and economic developments in such a dilapidated country like Zimbabwe. We need new names and young blood, to redeem us from this evil.  We need expertise and not liberation credentials. We are dam tired of the liberation songs.

The beautiful ones are out there to take the country forward. Indeed Zimbabwe has everything: doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers, social workers bankers, technicians and many other useful professions. Above all we must remember too that our going to the Diaspora could be a blessing in disguise: We have an sound knowledge of democratic values and principles, most of us got valuable professions that will assist in the development of the country.

Let me lastly quote Noviolet Bulawayo again: I really "speak from the bone going out" that we need new names for our coming dispensation.

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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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