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My job is to uphold the Constitution, Cdes

by CZ
30 Mar 2017 at 05:35hrs | Views
Dear Cabinet and  Politburo members
COMRADES, I have to frankly tell you that I am very disappointed in some of you for doing some criminal activities not just behind my back, but also doing them in my name.

This week, I had to end the hullaballoo about the top office on the bench upon discovering that there were some amongst you who had started the process of vandalising the Constitution - the Supreme Law of the land - to suit their parochial interests. How shameful!

To think that the signature is not even dry on this document and already clandestine efforts are underway to change it is really shocking, to say the least.

Why should we do what we want, not what the people want? Who are we to decide what the people want? What then was the need for those costly and time consuming outreach programmes when, at the end of the day, we were going to foist our own wishes on the very same people that we are supposed to lead?

My job is to uphold the Constitution of this country. The Constitution is very clear on how judges are appointed and that process was duly done and therefore I had no valid excuse to justify breaking the law.

The explanation that I was given for what I was made to believe was a "minor amendment" was that the law was being changed so that it makes things easier in the future and that there should be distinct separation between the Labour and the High Courts. I never knew that these amendments were actually being hurried, so that they could be implemented retroactively, so to speak.

I am even disappointed that there were some among you who claimed that I issued an Executive Order suspending the Constitution until after the amendment was done. This is not just false, but criminal! Whoever was peddling this falsehood should be ashamed.

It is exactly because of these dishonest traits in some of you that the people will never trust you to run this country.

Meanwhile, I was also shocked last week that our people throughout the country had to resort to public demonstrations against some members of the Women's League that were openly disrespectful of the senior leadership of the party.

Until the protests, I was thinking that disciplinary action had already taken place against these misfits. Surely, why would it have to take protests by the grassroots for action to be taken against people who misbehave in public when action should have taken place within hours of the mischief?

So if it is the case, I am tempted to wonder what becomes of those that do not commit mischief in the public.

So after waiting for a very long time to see disciplinary measures being taken against these mischief-makers, with nothing still happening, the people decided to register their displeasure by holding simultaneous public protests around the country… that is only when we began to see action being taken.

It should never be like that. Discipline is what has kept this great revolutionary party firm for all these decades, so if suddenly the leadership start adopting a cavalier attitude towards this vital principle; how would the party remain standing? What kind of organisation would the party become if every Jack and Jill, Harry and Tom can do whatever they want with nothing happening to them?

Look at what happened to Jabulani, Mutsvangwa and others that could not respect the leadership. This is what should happen to everyone, because no one is above the law. Those of you who have been with the party long enough know that this is how, as far back as the 1980s, people like Tekere and others dismissed themselves from the party. Nothing has changed.

Let this be the last time it happens.

Kindest  Regards

Yours Sincerely

Good, very good!

The daily slanging matches between High Education Minister Jonathan Moyo and the State media are getting interesting… very interesting indeed. We notice with gleeful satisfaction that some members of Zanu-PF are also increasingly getting irritated by the public media that one of them had to be restrained after trying to get physical at some Dr CZ's journo colleagues at the Glass & Mortar Building.

This is remindful to Dr CZ of the good old times when floppy disk journalism flourished at this building… the times that were perfectly captured in Mike Auret's book that Yours Truly has just finished reading.

"Here (at the start of the land reform in the year 2000), three ministers (Patrick) Chinamasa, (Jonathan) Moyo and (Joseph) Made - became the frontline. Chinamasa as Justice Minister and Leader of the House was to introduce the necessary legislation, new or by amendment; Moyo was to use the State media  to attempt to offset the truth told by the independent newspapers and the foreign media; and Made was to implement the programme, using the "war veterans" as his tools. These three therefore became far more important to the party than they would otherwise have been, considering that they were relative newcomers to the hierarchy and that, in all three cases, their presence in Parliament was by appointment rather than by popular vote. There is no doubt that many of the older members of the Politburo were unhappy with the rise of these three upstarts."

To think that it is the very same Moyo who is now trying to tell us that the State media churns out putrid lies sounds fiction.

We are living in crazy times indeed and there is now certainty that there is no longer any doubt about it.

Despite this fact that crazy stuff is now their staple diet, it should still have come as a shock to Zimbos when Zimbabwe People First "elder", Didymus Mutasa (pictured) decided to tell them that for a very long time he has been among those people who have been at the forefront of fighting for regime change in this country. Unless the phrase "long time" has assumed a new meaning of late!

And he went on to endorse "vaTsvangirai" as the candidate of his choice in the 2018 election because he is the only person who truly stands for change, Mutasa said.

What made the whole episode hilarious was how 82-year old Mutasa made the announcement while repeatedly feebly raising a clenched fist… just as old dogs cannot learn new tricks, it is clearly too late for him to appreciate that those that want to appeal to the MDC-T supporters do so using an open palm signature.

MDC-T supporters took the opportunity to remind Mutasa of 12-year-old Christpowers Maisiri from his former Headlands constituency, who was burnt to death in 2013 when people who are officially not known set the family hut he was sleeping in on fire because his father was an MDC-T official.

It has finally caught up with the leadership of the Zanu-PF Women's League, Cdes Sarah Mahoka and Eunice Sandi-Moyo. And from the sad look of things, Mandiitawepi Chimene may not be very far away from the line of fire as well.

This is very, very good. The sad thing about it all is that politicians - especially the female ones - never learn anything from the experience of others.

Dr CZ and other journos were shocked when the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) remembered that it still exists and leapt forward to join the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) to strongly condemn the verbal assault unleashed by Zanu-PF national commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, on journalists from The Herald. Previously Dr CZ had wondered where the union was when businessmen Phillip Chiyangwa and Wicknell Chivayo were wantonly abusing other journalists.

Dr CZ is green with envy because his colleagues from the State media are increasingly appearing lucky when it comes to rich picking from defamation lawsuits.

After being buried under an avalanche of some unprintable insults by Chivayo, Dr CZ's colleague is now suing the businessman for a princely sum of US$500 000.

And from the video that is doing the rounds in which Kasukuwere was savaging another colleague from the State media, the journo brother could be in for a real windfall. When the lawsuit is eventually filed - which we naturally expect the journo and both his parents to be suing for damages as the injured parties - the onus would on Kasukuwere to simply prove before the courts of law that what he said about the journo is the truth and therefore a harmless statement of fact.

Failure to prove this could leave a sound hole in the politician's pocket. All we can do for now is to wait for this one.


Source - fingaz
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