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Zimbabwe Ministers, MPs must bank their money and pay tax

by Njabulo
25 Jun 2017 at 09:26hrs | Views

If Zimbabwe is to revive its economy which has/had taken a nose dive, then every citizen in Zimbabwe or not domicile in Zimbabwe must play a pivotal role in helping the economy to appreciate. It does not matter your social standing, rank or position. Hence, it is important that the laws that govern the banking of all business proceeds must be adhered to as stipulated, by  that legal provision or law in place. Ministers must set an example.

Ministers must bank their money as stipulated by the law. They must act responsible in their individual ministerial positions and also in their collective ministerial responsibilities. They are supposed to encourage the public to bank their money and also to pay their taxes. In that they are not exempted too. Government must pay its dues too.

No minister must evade tax. Of course, they can avoid paying tax , just like any other person in Zimbabwe. But please ministers do not do tax evasion. It is a criminal offence and only breeds retrogression to our economy. Ministers and / or MPS must be arrested if they do not pay their tax. No one has immunity from being arrested for tax evasion. Above all ,no one is ultra vires. Ministers and/or Mps must be arrested too for corruption. They must be arrested if engaged in money laundering and extortion of money.

If all this is done ,the economy will improve ,as there will be transparency and honest in handling money in our beloved country. Lets all work together to improve the economic milieu of our country. Everyone put your money in the banks. Banks must also play their part in this.

Even "OSPHATHELENI", must bank their money.


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Source - Njabulo
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