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Mzilikazi coronated, ready to announce King's interim council

13 Sep 2017 at 08:42hrs | Views
Taking note of the Zimbabwean system's disruption of the public coronation of King Mzilikazi II, Stanley Raphael Khumalo,The Buffalo Soldier in the heart of Mthwakazi, we release this statement observing the heroic deeds of uMthwakazi people who supported this event in their thousands across Mthwakazi despite the regime flooding our City of Kings with Israel water cannon vehicles, intelligence operatives and riot Police.

1. We want to thank you umthwakazi wonke jikelele who came out in their thousands to acknowledge their King today at ZITF grounds. Thank you to all those who supported this so important event in kind. Old and young cadres...thank you.

2. We condemn the act of provocation and serious human rights abuse by the Zimbabwean Republic Police. We want to put a record straight that the police were notified of the event well way back and they confirmed that they had received our notification in terms of the law. Their presence today and disturbances to a cultural event is a serious concern in a so called independent country. Are people from Matebeleland not entitled to their Human Rights of freedom of assembly, association and freedom of expression?  Are we not Human beings?

3. We want to inform the world and our people that regardless of the disturbances that occurred today, we are still resolute and determined with our agenda of restoring our being, our domain, our country and our people. We are not intimidated by the actions of a failed and desperate regime that has failed to serve its people.

4. The nation is hereby informed that the King was coronated two days ago in terms of our cultural norms and values. Today was a day for the uMthwakazi Nation to acknowledge the coronation. In essence, the coronation has happened privately as per our custom. Our people turned out in unprecedented numbers. When their King arrived they ululated and whistled to acknowledge him. As far as we are concerned everything went well taking into consideration the conditions imposed on us by this vicious regime.

5. The 124 years of Kingship vacuum were interrupted today and uMthwakazi has a loving, caring, bold and decisive King, His Royal Majesty King Mzilikazi II. Today has been a great day for the people of uMthwakazi. Our people once have been revamped and re-energised and they are looking forward to working with their King in trying and testing times.

6.  HRM King Mzilikazi II has assumed his office and duties in terms of our cultural norms and values.

7. The new Interim King's council was selected and names will soon be unveiled to the public. The council will immediately start formulating policies and working towards implementing them.

8. The people of Matabeleland are hereby urged to cooperate, work and support the new council. The corporate world is also urged to start working with the new council.

9.  New investors who wish to invest and trade in Matabeleland are also urged to direct all their enquiries to the new council. Contact details will soon be availed.

Siyalibonga kakhulu Mthwakazi omkhulu. Asikhuzeni uBayethe to HRM King Mzilikazi II, Stanley Raphael Khumalo, the King of the People for the People.

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