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Two faced genocidist Mugabe supports rogue state North Korea? Not surprising

23 Sep 2017 at 15:12hrs | Views
 President Mugabe statement at the UN where he labeled President Donald Trump 'Giant Gold Goliath' is a case of a pot calling a kettle black.

For starters, President Mugabe is hewn from the same hard rock of violence as Kim Jong-Un. They share the same diabolical idea of annihilating other nations and causing untold suffering for human beings.

It is not too difficult to find out why President Mugabe attacked President Donald Trump in support of the rogue state like North Korea that has threatened to sink Japan and reduce US to ashes and darkness. The evil relationship stretches as far back as the 1980s when Mugabe signed an agreement with North Korea to train Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade with the evil intention of wiping out innocent Matebeles out of the face of this earth.

The 5th Brigade, under various commanders that included Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander,General Constatino Guvheya Chiwenga and Air Marshall Perence Shri, went on to murder more than 40 000 innocent and unarmed Matebele civilians including defenseless old people,pregnant women, children and even unborn children. The unborn had their mother stomachs ripped open with bionnets to kill the innocent child inside. Lactating children were smashed against rocks and other hard surfaces and their weeping mothers ordered to braai parts of the body and eat it.

Villagers were rounded and locked up in roundavel thatched huts doused with diesel or petrol and set on fire amid heavily armed soldiers standing guard by the door to shoot and kill those who tried to escape.Some villagers were ordered to dig shallow graves and kneel therein and shot at point blank with AK47 rifles and then their relatives ordered to fill the graves with sand and later ordered to dance on top of those graves with signs showing moving limbs singing shona songs praising President Robert Mugabe. Some were thrown into disused mine shafts while alive.

More than 100 000 women and school going girls were raped, more than 100 000 homes destroyed through arson. More than a million Matebeles displaced into South Africa, Botswana and some as far as Europe.

One may ask, what was the crime of these people ? The crime of all these people was THAT THEY WERE MATEBELES a nation composed of ethnic groups such as Nambia, Ndebele, Kalanga, Tswana,Khoi San, Sotho,Xhosa and Zulu who share the common language called Ndebele.They did not vote for Robert Mugabe and have a different culture and language from Robert Mugabe s shona tribes. This is the same President Robert Mugabe who projects himself as a pan-africanist and human rights defender. What a shame !

. President Mugabe who is surprisingly masquerading as the custodian of human rights at the UN does not allow Matebeles to visit the graves or mourn their loved ones. That is gross human rights violations and brutality which is unacceptable, unforgettable and unforgivable. No amount of grand standing at the UN platforms will clean Mugabe' s genocide stained hands. President Robert Mugabe will remain a mass murderer and all those shonas who were singing, gyrating and ululating proclaimimg "pamberi ne 5th brigade, we support you " when the Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade was paraded and despatched to kill unarmed Matebele civilians share the same guilty verdict.

How many shonas have come in the open to denounce this diabolical act of their President ?

How many shonas have apologised for this Matebele genocide done under their shona identity ? Only Eddison Zvobgo apologised openly and we forgave him for that.

How do shonas expect Matebeles to embrace them as brothers when they refuse to acknowledge Matebele Genocide but openly call it "disturbances".Can the Jewish holocaust or Rwandese genocide be called "distubances" ?

Only the battlefields will solve our differences and we know that we shall emerge victorious.We have gone this far and cant go any further. At least we have served Robert Mugabe with our Notice to break away from Zimbabwe and we are prepared to do anything within our means to effect our Notice.We are aware that we have said enough through the media and we have tried all diplomatic overtures to get this matter resolved peacefully and Robert Mugabe has not reciprocated our efforts.We therefore can not continue on the road towards the cul de sac but find some alternative that would make our cause recognised and respected. We are pleased that our Central Intelligence Bureau ie CIB has .surrepticiusly done a good job and our boys have been radicalized enough and are now ready to humiliate the Zimbabwe government anytime of our choosing.Everyone be warned that who so ever will stand on our way will pay the price regardless.

Surprisingly, many african brothers would admire Robert Mugabe for a simple reason that he shouted on top of his voice at the United Nations General Assembly and insulted a white man yet he nicodemously grovels to same white man from time to time seeking economic aid.What a double fool !

Two faced Robert Mugabe supports Palestinian and Saharawi independence while denying the same for Matabeleland in his own backyard. That is double standards of highest proportions.Matebeleland and Mashonaland are two different countries and have never been one country from time immemorial.

Those who are brave enough to demand the restoration of Matabeleland as an independent state are arrested and charged with treason. As we speak Cde Paul Siwela the President of Matabeleland Liberation Organization- MLO has been forced into exile after receiving an assassination tip off because he dared to openly call for the restoration of Matebeleland State.

This after he was arrested and charged with treason for advocating for the restoration of the statehood of Matabeleland.He still remains charged with treason in Zimbabwe.

MLO says, our President, Cde Paul Siwela, has a right to life and that of advocating the restoration of Matabeleland statehood. The peoples of Matabeleland, like those of Palestine and Saharawi, have a right to self determination.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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