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Give Mnangagwa a Chance: We have zero opposition in Zimbabwe

19 Nov 2017 at 16:39hrs | Views
First off what a day yesterday! I made it from Mandamabwe!! Before I get carried away with yesterday's events let me hasten to say I was disappointed with the opposition participation. Earlier in April 2017, I wrote an article, Zimbabwe's Pathetic Opposition, trolling the inept opposition political parties in Zimbabwe. I feel vindicated and today I want to tell Zimbabwe that I told you so! I know yesterday's march was by all Zimbabweans but something was obvious; people from the Harare low density suburbs (a bastion of opposition support) were mostly absent.

The army paved a way for us to freely express ourselves and the ZANU PF message was loud and clear: Mugabe must go and Mnangagwa must be re-instated. They raised the prospects of Mugabe impeachment if he refuses to step down. How can the impeachment talk be coming from ZANU PF? Where is the opposition? This was an opportunity to protest joblessness, lack of basic essential medicines, yawning potholes, sporadic electricity supply, and dirty water running from our taps. The opportunity was granted and we missed it.

As I said before, Zimbabwean affairs do not need to be over analyzed; they do not need the so-called analysts - what they need is in your face. Listen to what the ZANU PF insiders or goonies are saying. I told you before, just give a mic to Grace Mugabe and read the herald - all you need to know will be laid bare; no trying to figure things out.

Another reliable source for me has been Rugare Gumbo. I pulled this from the Daily News: Mugabe na Mnangagwa vkateyanirana mariva

Earlier this year, when there was frenzied speculation within Zanu PF that Mnangagwa's mooted presidential aspirations were dead in the water, after Mugabe's birthday interview with the ZBC in which he said there was no one fit to succeed him, former ruling party spokesperson and Cabinet minister, Rugare Gumbo, said the Midlands godfather could not be written off. Gumbo - who worked with both Mugabe and Mnangagwa for many decades, before and after Zimbabwe's independence from Britain in 1980 - also said it was "folly" to assume that Mugabe had shut the door on his deputy succeeding him. He also said it could not be ruled out that Mnangagwa himself was "playing a game of hide-and-seek" with the nonagenarian, adding that the two men had a strong bond and long-standing relationship which was "only fully understood by them".

"Mugabe has always been a slippery character because of all things he always wanted power the most. While many other liberation movements had a succession plan, Mugabe long decided against coming up with one. "Still, I wouldn't say Mnangagwa has been blocked out. However, what I know is that Mugabe and Mnangagwa vakateyanirana mariva (the have set traps for each other). They are playing each other and only time will tell who will win," he said.

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Source - Sam Wezhira
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