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'Zimbabweans are useless Dogs'- President Mnangagwa.

25 Nov 2017 at 17:00hrs | Views
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a 75 year old Zanu leader to be a champion of change. Even by scientific evidence, a 75 year old who spent 50 years admiring and being mentored by Mugabe cannot bring change to Zimbabwe.

In Karanga, which is my culture, if you hate someone, you refer to them as dogs. –"Imbwa yomunhu!". It becomes a psychological terminology of "cognitive dissonance" if a President calls Zimbabweans dogs, and claim to be their loving leader. This is exactly what Mnangagwa is doing. He is trying to break out from his murderous past, into a World Quality Unique and Democratic Zimbabwean leader. But, his murderous language is failing to depart from his lips.

Since 2016, Matemadanda, Mahiya and Mutswangwa were mobilising Zimbabweans while Mnangagwa was stuck with Mugabe. These gallant War Veterans, who also have a violent past, managed to convince Zimbabweans across diverse political spectrum that they have changed. They managed to remind people like me, what they promised us in 1979, that a Zimbabwean leader would fairly safe the people of Zimbabwe.

We rallied behind our War Veterans, and saw Mnangagwa being humiliated out of office by Mugabe's Chibwido wife. War veterans gave us instructions of how to behave in order to remove Mugabe and bring a REFORMER.

When we, and our Military, had finished the job, our perceived reformer landed from South Africa. He started talking about himself, how he was poisoned, how he was in contact with the army, how he had come back to lead Zanu. About us, he uttered his old auto-mouth "Pasi ne Mhanduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!" "Zanu icharamba ichingotonga, IMBWA DZICHINGOVUKURA. (Down with enemies, Zanu will keep ruling and DOGS WILL KEEP BARKING"

Honourable Countrymen, we Zimbabweans are DOGS in the eyes of our President. No matter how much we sympathise and support him in the hour of need, he does not pause, to stop calling us dogs.

I cry for my country which has majestically traversed from Old Mugabe to a Newer Mugabe. We are back to 1980, we will experience the moment of madness in year 2019, faked unity in 2024 and a new Zimbabwean leader in 2054. You have seen what the Military can do. We will sink low, low, low until 2054 when the Military will notice that the support they give a misguided old man, destroys our country.

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Source - Multiverse Dungani
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