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A real revolution is brewing, Cdes!

by CZ
14 Dec 2017 at 15:38hrs | Views
MY former comrades, when you and the rogue elements in the army forced the people to make a show of protesting against me and later another show of celebrating my departure, one thing you never realised was that the human spirit can never be bottled.

No sooner had you thought you had managed to hoodwink the world into believing that your coup was not a coup, did the people start seeing through your criminal mischief. They realised that they had been used, and before they knew it, they discovered that they were in worse trouble than they have ever suffered under the colonial regime and later under the illegal sanctions imposed by the West!

As a responsible leader, who knew the importance of traditional leaders, I had just approved the purchase of all-terrain vehicles for all our chiefs, but this has since been reversed.

The chiefs don't matter… just like the povo, they were useful during the liberation war, after which their usefulness expired; so they can now go hang!

They can walk on foot when those who are pretending to be the leaders of the country are driving around in expensive cars… this is the message that is coming from this action. That is how it starts. Next, it would be payment of bonuses… come next year, there will be threats to anyone who would want to make a follow up on this bonus payment pledge, when I always made sure that our hardworking civil servants were well rewarded and on time.

Next, the people will stop getting anything in terms of the presidential farming inputs… and no one will be able to ask because from indications on the ground, asking any question will soon be a serious crime.

These students that used to make a lot of noise about delayed payment of grants will now know that I was the best leader they could ever have when they do not just get nothing, but get themselves into real trouble if they dare protest.

After that, it will be the presidential scholarships… all the millions that for years I have been channelling towards making sure our people get the best education in the world will now be funnelled into other peoples' back pockets, just as everything else and no one will be allowed to ask.

Before anyone can do anything, the monies that I have been paying the war veterans and others will be cut.Already a purge has started in the civil service under the guise of removing ghost workers and old people. Surely how could a 75-year old honestly say people who are 10 years younger than him are too old to be productive? How does one hope to take the country forward by dismissing experienced people?

All this is being done in the name of Operation Restore Legacy! What legacy? Whose legacy when people are being impoverished overnight like this?

When I left the country this week to take a breath of fresh air in the Far East, representatives of chiefs had indicated that they wanted to meet me… I could sense that this had something to do with their well-deserved vehicles. Vendors also wanted to meet me. Touts also wanted to meet me. Many people were seeking to meet me. I know they would want to beg me to please not forsake them in their time of need.

By the time I left the country this week, I had not even received my invitation to this week's congress of the party that I am still the lawful President and First Secretary, which to me is confirmation of its status as a non-event.

Anyway, let me see what comes out of that illegal gathering so that I can plan my next move as we enter into the New Year.

Kindest regards,
Your one and only


LAST week, recycled Finance and Economic Planning Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, made a show of restraining government from its wasteful expenditure by cutting out some requests, like that of vehicles for ministers, chiefs, legislators and others. Dr CZ will not take him seriously until he goes a step further to demand that government's many barren conferences be held in boardrooms, or even school classrooms, instead of being held in some five star venues around the country.

He will also not be taken seriously until government imposes a blanket ban on wasteful congratulatory adverts that for years have ensured that millions of the taxpayers' money goes down the drain. Anyone who feels like bootlicking should do so at their own expense.

Dr CZ still does not believe what he was told this week by a very reliable source… that there are people who are actually monitoring these fawning adverts to see who is not enthusiastic enough so that they could be dealt with accordingly. In the unlikely event that this could be true - which most likely it is - then we wonder how this could be different from the case in which some ZANU-PF members from Manicaland were dismissed from the party for "looking aloof" when the now disgraced former first lady, Grace Mugabe, was addressing a rally at Sakubva stadium in 2014. The more things change, the more they look the same.

Award winning!
AS THIS bootlicking festival continues, last week, Zimbos woke up to the following advert in the public media.

"His Excellency Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, The Principal, Eng T Madondo, Advisory Council, Management, Staff and Students of Harare Polytechnic joins the nation in congratulating Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on your appointment as Head of State and Government and Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces. You demonstrated resilience, tenacity and composure as you rose through the echelon and fastigium of presidency. The humility you portrayed revealed the axiologies and phronesis of a leader. Harare polytechnic shares the developmental trajectory you enunciated on your inauguration and is ready to hit the ground running."

The message - whatever it was trying to say - should have left presidential advisor, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, pinkish blue with envy. We hope those who were meant to be impressed with this advert were thoroughly impressed, but those like Dr CZ can see through the mischief in this message. Anyway, it was at a graduation ceremony at the same Harare Poly where in 2010, the late former higher and tertiary education minister, Cde Stanislaus Gorerazvo Mudenge, took the opportunity to lash out at the media for reporting that students were prevented from writing exams for non-payment of fees.

"Such a claim is playing fandango dance with the facts; it is based on a farrago of confusion which has created a phantasmagoria of conflicting images of dreamland on the minds of the public," Mudenge said leaving his audience scattered in laughter. We don't know whether the laughter was with him or at him!

AN AVID fan of Dr CZ correctly observed that it appeared like it is cleansing time because everyone is getting busy cleaning their social media walls. He wondered why people subject themselves to a life of licking others' backsides in the first place instead of just being their own man like Dr CZ.

From the look of things, no one ever knew or ever got remotely associated with convicted fraudster, Wicknell Chivayo, who this week was assisting the police with some investigations regarding some funds from the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority. Only a few weeks ago, some Zimbos were waxing lyrical about Weakened - sorry, Wicknell, praising the "businessman's" acumen when it comes to the "procurement" sector. Not surprisingly, those types of posts can no longer be traced on the social media. We hope and pray something comes out of this show of investigations because it will really be the mother of all frauds in history to tell us that those armoured tanks rolled onto the streets of Harare in order to fail to nail just one criminal that was purportedly around the thankfully now former president. We were told that the operation was targeting criminals around the old man… we are eagerly waiting to see these criminals… lots of them not just a handful that, after all, end up going scot-free.

STILL on Zimbabwean, fiction and drama, we loved the story about a purported three-hour gun battle at the unused house of outgoing police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri. The story only goes to show what the new owners of the country - just like their predecessors - think of Zimbos… that they are a stupid lot. Which they are, anyway… to a good extent!

STILL on quotes; as we celebrate our coup that was not a coup, here is another from the late Professor Masipula Sithole's book Struggles within the Struggle (First edition published in 1979).

"Responsible leadership must promote and be seen to promote leadership by persuasion rather than by coercion. There is no doubt that the commandist and murderous political culture acquired during the liberation struggle will impact on the conduct of our politics after the struggle. If we don't take deliberate steps to exorcise this culture from our body politic, we are bound to be miserable for a long time after the struggle. We shall even think and feel we were freer during the settler regime."

MEANWHILE, a fan of Dr CZ remarked that the extent of Mugabe's disastrous leadership is best seen by looking at how people are relieved by Mnangagwa. He said Mugabe was so bad that even common sense by the new President seems revolutionary.

African education
THE African education system has many surprising outcomes. The smartest students pass with first class marks and get admission to medical and engineering schools. The second class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the first class students. The third class students enter politics, and rule both first and second class students. The failures join the army and control politicians who, if they are not happy with, they kick or kill. Best of all, those who did not attend any school, become prophets and witch doctors, and everybody follows them! Nxaaa!!!

Source - fingaz
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