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Corruption exposed at the National Blood Service of Zimbabwe.

06 Feb 2018 at 15:11hrs | Views
There is rampant corruption in private institutions and if the government does not quickly look into it, thousands of dollars will be siphoned from such organisation leaving such institutions financially crippled.

The National Blood Service Zimbabwe's Annual General Meeting was adjourned almost three hours last week after it had started. There was no concrete agreement on the agenda and what was supposed to be done.

The national Chairperson Retired Justice Leslie G Smith had to just disappear without officially excusing himself.This was after the tense interrogation by the blood members . He was asked by the Lawyer Robert Matsike to explain why he was still in charge of NBSZ since 1977 and why the board chairman was not following the petition of the donors who wanted the board to be dissolved.

The other donor a former Vice Chair of the board Tarirai Chadebah also challenged the board that the Amendment could not go ahead unless the minister responsible for Justice has given a go ahead to continue with the amendment as in the articles of the 1990.

However the board Secretary Chikwereti wanted to twist the issue with support of the lawyers whom they were arm twisting and feeding information that the amendment version should be approved first and then it will proceed to the Minister after approval of which is the other way. The moment they pass the resolution it becomes binding as NBSZ is not a government agent but is a private company.

Donors refused the meeting to go ahead but Eliot Mugamu the Vice Chair insisted that the resolution be passed. What is worrying Mugamu is talking of good co-operate governance after he was fired from NBSZ for approving himself executive perks whilst he was a non-executive chairman.

There was also tension when Mugamu wanted to stop Christine Shayamano from contributing during the meeting.Shayamano was against the use of proxies that were not known where they came from. Alternatively the Board Secretary said 52 were from all provinces but it was later discovered that Masvingo had not signed any proxy because the donors were not aware of these proxies the source said.

According to other donors who were present, they argued that the article was crafted to do away with donors and certain individuals who were against the way the board is being run.

The next Extra General Meeting will be called within 21 days notice again to rectify the issues at hand. The donors requested that the next meeting must include what was petitioned and also to add new agenda that will be used so that there is an agreement on how NBSZ will be run. Currently it is a company and donors who are advocating for the change back to private voluntary organisation though it will have government supervision whilst others are calling government to control the services.

What has leaked within the organisation is that the board wanted the articles be amended and Mugamu to takeover as the chairperson and then fire workers starting with Executive management .

It was also noted that the NBSZ auditors were there to verify proxies but they were not able to explain how they verified. This was the first time to have auditors and lawyers at NBSZ AGM that is only to do with resolution passing. According tobthe source he quried the idea of bringing in lawyers and auditors and it is being suspected that they are trying to cover up something.

The source also alleged that donors were sick and tired of these board members and wanted them to be relieved of their duties as they called up for a interim committee to be put in place to look into the issues raised but Mugamu refused that is when he agreed for the meeting to be adjourned when Mr Mabhande pointed out what the donors have spoken.

It is more shameful that people are still fighting for NBSZ posts whilst the ordinary citizens are dying by failing to acess $50 to pay for the blood and donors are calling that blood must also be affordable to all as it is donated for free.

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