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Mujuru's bread and butter issues vs Chamisa's Bullet Trains elitist dream.

13 Mar 2018 at 10:10hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings comrades. We all have noble dreams for our country. However some of the dreams are not feasible hence the need to be realistic even in dreams.

Morocco recently launched its own Bullet Trains. Morocco is well developed as compared to Zimbabwe hence the Bullet Trains project was feasible. Our roads are in shambles, education system ludicrous, health system disintegrating and the economy liquidated. For a Zimbabwean leader to promise the people a Bullet Train is akin to a father who has no bicycle but promises his family a private jet. Dear father when you cant even afford a bicycle, send your children to college, pay for their medical bills,  and let alone, withdraw $100 from the bank, why dream insanely big? Don't you think its better to first handle the basic problems your family is faced with?

Chamisa must stop being a dream mafia. He must first promise the electorate free education and health care, proper transport infrastructure, eradication of unemployement,  re-industrialisation and resascitation of the rule of law. Promising all this is not enough, he must further tell us how he will achieve these noble promises. Above all,he must walk the talk. The electorate must punish politicians who talk right and walk left, its high time we hold our politicians responsible for their actions or lack of actions.

At the present moment the masses care less about the Bullet Trains. They care more about the bread and butter issues. Of what use will be the Bullet Trains to the poor peasants in the country side? How will the train benefit the unemployed urban masses? This is a pipe dream from a man who takes the Zimbabweans for granted. It is indeed an economic affront.

The masses sleep on bank pavements to withdraw their hard earned cash. Learners drop out from high schools, colleges and universities because of high fees. Exam papers are leaking every year and degree qualifications are sold in the streets. University graduates have turned into vending to provide for their families. Some are wandering in the diaspora in search of greener pastures. The rate of unemployment is rising at an alarming rapidity. Industries were closed down in Bulawayo and other cities. The roads have more pot holes than tar. Then here comes Chamisa the alleged man of God, promising the Zimbabweans costly Bullet Trains.

If the transport cost is determined by time, then the bullet train will be very expensive for the ordinary men. Only the rich, especially  the successful entrepreneurs and politicians will afford the Bullet Train. It is therefore unadulteratedly clear that the Bullet Train project is an elitist enterprise. It is for the elites by the elites. The project is very exclusive and unrealistic.

Chamisa's Bullet Train project is a clear sign that he cares less about the urban poor and the rural population. He only cares for the bourgeoisie who can afford the costs of the train. If he cared for these two market segments, he was going to address their bread and butter issues. He was going to consult with the masses to find out the burning issues which call for urgent addressing. Unfortunately he sees himself as the master of the masses hence he can wake up and promise the masses his own dreams. He is indeed selling his selfish dreams to the masses, he forgets that in modern politics, what matters most are the dreams of the masses. As a leader, Chamisa is not the boss, but a servant to the masses. I therefore submit that his dreams do not in any way interpret to the dreams of the masses.

I reiterate that political blandishing is an archiac mode of fishing for voters. It is outdated and has no place in modern politics. Leaders must respect the needs of the masses, not their own narrow and selfish needs.  Those who dare put their selfish needs ahead of those of the masses must be punished severely by the voters in the ballot.

Dr Joice Mujuru through consultation with the masses, is promising to address their issues, especially the bread and butter issues. She has promised to create employment opportunities through re-industrialisation of the country, establishment of  national economic projects, and funding entreprenuers leading to multiplier effects. Health and education will be treated as basic human rights. The investment environment shall be cleared of huddles to attract domestic and foreign investments. She believes in devolution of power as documented in the Zimbabwean constitution. Devolution will help in achieving host-community centred development. Mujuru will champion the program of life-auditing of the senior government office bearers.This will help in eliminating corruption which has liquidated the economy. Furthermore, she is an honest advocate for democracy and  constitutionalism. An honest broker of peace, love and unity across the tribal divide.

NPP and PRC are wholly behind the candidature of  Dr Joice Mujuru. We therefore call upon all those Zimbabwean citizens who believe we are ripe and ready for a female president, to vote for Cde Joice Mujuru. All those who believe in the potential of Zimbabwe and are honest advocates for the rule of law, NPP and PRC are happy political homes for u. Like the biblical Moses who led the children of Israel out of bondage, Cde Mujuru is here to take us to the promised land. Dear Zimbabweans, let us join  NPP and PRC as we journey to the land of promise.

Victory is certain, alluta continua.
NPP national youths spokesperson
Khulani David Ndhlovu

Source - Khulani David Ndhlovu
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