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Junta-boy's thugs out to character assassinate me, Cdes!

by CZ
15 Mar 2018 at 06:51hrs | Views
MY dear Comrades, as we put up firm structures in readiness for our New Patriotic Front cruising to a sure victory in the elections that the junta-boy is under pressure to announce shortly, you should read the following lode of rubbish to understand the uphill task before us as the State's propaganda machinery has been set at full-throttle.

"Many people big and small died for doing so at Mugabe's instruction. In my view he has NO right to talk about being removed unconstitutionally when he ruled us unconstitutionally, rigging elections, beating up citizens, killing opponents, stealing money from the State coffers, presiding over clan-based corruption, destroying State institutions the list goes on," wrote someone that was hired by the junta to denigrate me.

"He accuses Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga of taking sides with Mnangagwa, he forgets that the same Chiwenga took sides with him in 2008 and Mugabe saw nothing wrong with it. The same security services took political sides with him from 1980 through Gukurahundi, 2000 farm violence, Murambatsvina and 2008, and yet Mugabe saw nothing wrong with it then.  

"He accuses Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga of taking sides with Mnangagwa, he forgets that the same Chiwenga took sides with him in 2008 and Mugabe saw nothing wrong with it. The same security services took political sides with him from 1980 through Gukurahundi, 2000 Farm violence, Murambatsvina and 2008, and yet Mugabe saw nothing wrong with it then. The very private media that he terrorised with his sidekick Jonathan Moyo is the one giving him space, all that of course is lost on Mugabe. He talks of his rights. Today he has access to a Boeing 767 jet to fly him four time a year to Singapore for his health check-ups and yet he forgets that he denied basic health access to millions of Zimbabweans through corruption and looting of tax dollars by his wife, his henchmen and of course himself.

"His wife bought diamond rings worth $1,5 million each whilst mothers were dying giving birth because they couldn't afford access to public health, the very soldiers he mocks today were school dropouts because they had no money to pursue their education and yet he drove around in a $1 million Mercedes Pullman. What a hypocrite, what a revolutionary fraudster, what a liberation imposter, what a crooked old man."

What a mortuary of bloody lies! You Cdes know me better, don't you? And you should also be wondering who is being referred to in this article because I am nowhere near that monster character. Everything contained in that article is a figment of the writer's fetid imagination!

That is the challenge we have to face Cdes as we - under the interim, but equally able leadership of Cdes Ambrose - mobilise the people to restore the country back to democracy. Like I said last week, this junta will not leave anything to chance so it will certainly do worse things that I am now realising it did in 2008. And referring to the 2008 elections, this week I was alerted to the fulsome interview that the junta-boy gave to The Economist in which he flatly denied that violence took place in the run-up to the June 27 presidential run-off poll. He claimed those elections were free and fair and that not even a single person died in political violence! I am happy that this exposes him for the character that he truly is. Anyone who thought I was responsible for the evil that took place during the short 37 years that I was leading this country now knows who was responsible for it all. Like I have pointed out before, when a leader is busy leading the people, there are some things that are done by goons around him in his name… and this certainly was the case here. If by the junta-boy's yardstick, the 2008 run-off election was free and fair, then Zimbabweans should have an idea of what he has in store for them when he promises free and fair elections.

If indeed I was responsible for the gross human rights that I have been accused of, why would the junta-boy - of all my well-earned enemies in this world - stridently deny them on my behalf? Why did he simply not tell the world that I was responsible for these harrowing brutalities and that he is different? Interesting indeed!!!

Anyway, just wait until our new party start its star rallies and we will tell the world everything that it needs to know about this illegitimate regime.

Let us remain seized with mobilising the grassroots, reassuring them that they should not be cowed by the junta. Iwe neni tine basa! Wena lami silomusebenzi! We all have work to do, cdes!

Kindest Regards
Your One and Only Leader


A-looter continua!
IN December Dr CZ wrote this: "Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Chinhoyi to officiate at the Chinhoyi University of Technology graduation. Bootlickers were there to give him a head of 15 cattle. To Dr CZ's disappointment, Mnangagwa - whom we thought learnt how never to copy things from his predecessor - gladly accepted the 'gift', which to all intents and purposes was a suspiciously 'dirty bribe' which was being offered to a public official in broad daylight.

"Only recently, the High Court in Masvingo confirmed the dismissal of an agricultural extension officer who accepted a donation of a bag of fertiliser after presiding over the distribution of farming inputs. He was charged with behaviour not consistent with a public officer. So where is justice in a country where the president can take suspicious gifts in broad daylight like this and nothing happens to him, yet other public officials are sacked? How can he convince those below him… the notorious CIO operatives, the police, the soldiers, the teachers, the nurses et al that there is no room for a culture of bribes and corruption in his administration?

"Only three months ago, Mnangagwa's Mozambican counterpart, Filipe Nyusi, showed in a practical way that he is serious about the fight against corruption when he angrily refused to accept an illegal "gift" of a tractor offered to him at the 11th Congress of the ruling Frelimo party, which he was chairing. Worse still, in the past there have been allegations - that Dr CZ has duly substantiated - that some of these 'donations' are actually proceeds from an elaborate extortion racket targeting the vulnerable in the country, who include remaining white commercial farmers, teachers and the opposition.

"The other thing is that Mnangagwa should learn to separate party business from government business… to know when he is a government official and when he is a party official. The two are separate and not interchangeable. That distinction should never be confused. State assets (including time) should never be squandered on barren party business. There has to be a world of difference between Munhumutapa Building and Shake Shake Building, the ZANU-PF headquarters. The sacred borders of Zimbabwe should never be confused with the dirty walls of Shake Shake Building. Thank you Cde President!"

It looked like this handy piece of sound advice could have fallen on deaf ears, as Mnangagwa this week accepted with alacrity a "Token of Appreciation" of a tractor when he toured the premises of this company that appears to have links with the ever-misruling ZANU-PF party. It's the same company that recently donated a multi-million dollar tent to the party and has over the years been getting lots of business contracts from government.

To then imagine that this is the very man who is haunting others for various infractions is heart-rending.

In normal and civilised countries, this practice can easily be called corruption and it is a serious crime, capital in some of them. Thankfully, we are yet to be a normal and civilised country!

DR CZ has always warned that Zimbabwe is a real country and-a-half and that: What we will see one of these days wears a hat! It looks like that threat is now coming to pass, if such characters like Ambrose Mutinhiri, that are now coming to the fore, is anything to go by. Last week, the former Mashonaland East minister of state for provincial affairs announced that he was following Dr CZ's footsteps by dismissing himself from ZANU-PF, in his case in sympathy with former president Robert Mugabe whom he believes was unconstitutionally removed from power. Dr CZ - who dismissed himself from the party in June of 1982 in protest against Mugabe's misrule - has been laughing since last week and is still laughing. In hindsight, when one looks at Mutinhiri and former vice president Phelekezela Report Mphoko and think of them as some of the best that made it into the crème de la crème of ZAPU and its ZIPRA forces, then one will not be surprised at all that things went the way they did!

So Mutinhiri wants to commit suicide in support of constitutionalism? Really? Can he please tell Zimbos in which section of the Constitution the post of minister of state for provincial affairs that he occupied is provided for if he is so much for constitutionalism because anyone who is familiar with that document knows that no such post exists. Yet Mutinhiri, the proud constitutionalist, gladly occupied it!

He has already refused to tell Zimbos why he did not dismiss his useless self earlier… like in 2008 when the very same army staged a coup against president-elect Morgan Tsvangirai (MHSRIEP) and earlier when Gukurahundi pogroms were unleashed on his fellow ZAPU/ZIPRA comrades? He only discovers constitutionalism when a senile dictator that has squandered all moral authority to rule and has, therefore, become a grave danger to the country is constitutionally removed from power in the interest of protecting the Constitution?

Does it need a rocket scientist to tell Mutinhiri & Co that the very same reasons that caused him and others to go to the bush to fight the regime of Ian Smith had returned under Robert Mugabe? If, by Mutinhiri's warped reasoning, Mugabe was a constitutionally valid leader, the same should also apply to Smith.

We hope and pray that in his newly found spirit of constitutionalism he will also not accept the pension and other payments from an unconstitutional government.
Dr CZ has been accused of being an idiot. Granted. But this idiocy takes the whole cake!

NOW that the 94-year old whiskey is threatening to return with a bang, Dr CZ cannot help it, but wonder if his brother, ICT and something minister, Cde Supa "Whisky" Mandiwanzira, will be resigning from his government and party positions to rally behind the vintage brew!

THIS week , Zimbos made a show of being surprised that this nhubu-par-excellence called Paddington Japajapa was boasting about his exploits among the community of sisters of loose morals; but the truth of the matter is that these Zimbos know that he is not the only pervert in the here-abouts! There are just too many of them, especially in public offices, political parties, churches, sport platforms, tertiary institutions, non-governmental organisations… just too many of them! The female version of these perverts is also there… also lots of them. This is the sad reality about the rotten soul of the world that we live in.

Even this country (and organisations) is failing to move forward because sex is the primary consideration when recruitments and appointments are being made so the results are public officials that cannot tell their left from right. Let Dr CZ leave it at this stage lest he loses half his fans!

Source - fingaz
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