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Improve NSSA benefits

16 May 2018 at 13:19hrs | Views
Elections season is time for promises to the voting public, realistic and unrealistic pledges are made by the competing politicians. For once the people become very important and their welfare a priority, at least for now.

Nurses, teachers, war vets, women and the youths have all been promised huge benefits and salary increases. Amid all the din on promises, the elderly have been sidelined. Politicians forget that the aged are quite a huge constituency that can be a game changer. A politician who improves the NSSA benefits and pension payout may curve a sizeable number of votes for his party.

The pensioners calls for a raise are being 'drowned' by the loud noise from the young and fit who are ever asking for more. At one time NSSA was rumoured to have one hundred and eighty thousand pensioners on its payout role, if anyone thinks that's a small number better start counting the cost.

Salaried 'people' with sway over NSSA affairs may not have done enough to benefit the senior citizens. Pay old people a livable pension, the eighty dollars per month cannot see them through. At that age the seniors need good food and medication. Churches have gone mum yet they are collecting huge amounts from the 'believers'. May those in the corridors of authority look into the NSSA pension.

Tondorindo. Chinehasha.

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Source - Tondorindo
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