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Chiza playing with gukurahundi victims' emotions

25 May 2018 at 14:14hrs | Views
On 23 May  2018,  a video was sent to me from Botswana. The video was a recording at a church in Bulawayo of a performance by a person calling himself prophet Chiza. In this video this man claims to have been told by God to ask for forgiveness from the Ndebele people on behalf of the Shona people for the Gukurahundi killings.

I am a victim of the massacre myself. I lost my father, my uncle, my cousin, my brother-in-law and two neighbours. All buried in a shallow grave and murdered in front of their grand children. May be this pastor does not understand the magnitude of this dilemma. A dark cloud carrying both pain and fear engulfed our homesteads for more than six months in Matebeleland. It was not a mistake by the perpetrators, no, it was an act of joy and jubilation planned and executed the very way. This pastor's pathetic, mockery and joyous melodramatic act is nothing but salt to injury. It is an insult beyond normal imagination that God is portrayed to be sending His messages in a sociopathic manner like that. I wonder whether this church is really God's church and I dont understand why people choose to behave like this to continue to inflict pain upon us. I wonder how serious minds felt being paraded at a church for an incident like that. Why Zimbabweans why? In Shona I'm sure the befitting term for this kind of act by this pastor is "mahumbwe". In Ndebele its called "amandlwane". 'Mahumbwe' or 'amandlwane', the way I understand them, are dramatizations or acts of imitations of adult life by toddlers. May I kindly remind this pastor that this is a very serious issue requiring maturely committed minds within the confines of  government for a solution and not some church drama, please.

Clement Dumisani Moyo
Mediation for Peace Centre
+263 712 708 284/77 662 090

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Source - Clement Dumisani Moyo
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