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Zanu PF a league of hynas and jackals - Mujuru youths

19 Jul 2018 at 19:14hrs | Views
Revolutionary greetings comrades. The general elections are 10 days away and we still haven't seen any electoral reforms, worse, the voters roll is still littered with ghost voters coupled with clumsy duplications of ID numbers. If these elections are allowed to continue under such worrying conditions, then the opposition is weak and nothing better than toothless bulldogs. By merely participating in such elections, the opposition will be bartering the happiness of millions with a scented greedy smile. It would be unadulteratedly clear that  the opposition ranks is infested with greedy opportunists who put their narrow and selfish interests ahead of those of the masses. In ideal politics, the interests of the masses come first and the politicians are mere messengers or servants to the masses. Pity, our politics is archaic  and is founded on the alter of the god greed. Politics of the stomach has compelled some of the most respected politicians to barter their sound moral values for wealth and fame. It is therefore, not out of context to posit that in Zimbabwe most politicians are attracted to the political sphere by wrong and perveted hopes. Their hopes to get rich quick have seen them abandon the interests of the constituencies they represent and commit to hunting and gathering for wealth. How can hunters and gatherers be tasked to be the caretakers of the wild animals?

The Zimbabwean political terrain is densely populated with morally bankrupt politicians. Politicians who have insatiable appetite for money like the biblical Judas Iscariot who sold the King of Glory for the love of money. Where in our midst are the politicians with sound political ethics? Where are the politicians who wholly subscribe to the ethos of servant leadership? The answer to these two questions is not far fetched; the masses have since rendered their support to populist leaders who are in most cases ideologically bankrupt. Populism is selling like hot cakes in our modern politics. If you cannot speak to the temporary and mundane needs of the masses, then you are interpreted by the masses as a boring  politician who is deficient of charisma. We care less about the content of the politicians, but more about charisma. This sufficiently and succinctly explains why we end up with misleaders at the apex of our politics.

If we look at the Zimbabwean economic situation, we can all agree that our leaders have failed to resuscitate the economy. The economic melt down is a clear pointer to the economic inefficiencies of our leaders. Long bank queues speak to the  failure of Mnangagwa and his zealots to resolve  the money flow in the country. When the president precipitated or enforced upon us by the army ascended to the throne, he promised to resuscitate the economy. However, it is in the public domain that he has dismally failed to save the economy from further meltdown. It is therefore, safe to argue that his head and those of his economic advisers are sparsely furnished with economic intellectual goods. One wonders how a man who has been part of the ruling Zanu PF since independence and assisted in the liquidation of the economy can help save it? It is therefore, fair to apportion the failure of Mugabe squarely on his head. Furthermore, he is an honest student and broker of Mugabeism hence clueless enough to fix the economy. The current; USD and Ecocash  transfer rates and USD and Bond notes rates are worrying. Currently prices of basic products are increasing rapidly, especially imports to cover up the USD-Bond rating cost. Mnangagwa thought raising civil servants salaries was a mere political gimmick to lure their votes, but was an ill calculated move which exposes him poor understanding of the principles of economics. A hunter will never understand the needs of the wild animals, instead, all his calculations and moves are informed by selfish and narrow interests. As a contemporary political analyst put it; say ED Pfeeee and we are consigned back the 2008 inflation.

The Zimbabwean problem is Zanu PF.  If we want to invite upon us the 2008 suffering, then let us continue voting Zanu PF. This is the same party that has robbed us and the posterity of a better future. It is the party that has repeatedly stole our happiness and rights. Zanu PF is a league of hyenas and jackals that will soon feed upon our flesh if not stopped. Therefore, i submit that the same party cannot be the honest custodian of our future. It is high time that we as opposition wrestle political hegemony from the political gathering of Baal-Zanu PF and turn around the fortunes of our beloved country. These elections must stagger the final nail on the coffin of Zanu PF which belongs in the political wilderness if not oblivion. Dear Zimbabweans, the future is in our hands, let us vote out Zanu PF and rebuild our country. United we can rebuild our disintegrated economy and restore our dignity and constitutionalism.

Victory is certain, aluta continua.
NPP National Youth Chairman/PRC youth spokesperson

Source - NPP National Youth Chairman
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