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Saturday with Stanley Dube: Mnangagwa is Mugabe's old leftover fart

24 Nov 2018 at 08:31hrs | Views
November 18; Zimbabweans marched  and  on November 21 the nonagenarian despot Robert Mugabe resigned after pressure from the military and from ZANU PF. Surely chickens had come home to roost and the vampire party was feeding on its creator who birthed and nurtured it in the path of vengeance.

Unsuspecting Zimbabweans celebrated assuming this was the end of their trouble albeit it was the beginning of a long night. A night characterised by cash shortage, fuel disappearance, government reconstructing Air Zimbabwe and Hwange colliery companies. It was indeed the beginning of a cold winter spell.

 Let me take you to the events of 22 November. President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrived in Zimbabwe in the afternoon and gave a speech to the public outside of ZANU-PF headquarters, pledging "the beginning of a new unfolding democracy". With his unpresidential squeaky voice he uttered the popular blasphemous words: The Voice of the people is the Voice of god.

A year later Mnangagwa and his coupists cabal have been unmasked for who they really are; a bunch of graduates from Robert Mugabe's school of greed, murder, violence, corruption and plunder who have no iota of care for rule of law, human dignity and national development.

 Like any other student, the Mnangawa coup cabal is trying so much to outdo what Mugabe did both in words and did.

As soon as he assumed Presidency, Emmerson Mnangagwa assumed a scarf as a symbol of his new regime. This was a way of outdoing Mugabe who had his Signature as his trademark.

Mnangagwa in a bid to be defined like Mugabe who was a god unto ZANU PF created the blasphemous slogan: The Voice of the people is the voice  of God assuming that his ascendancy to power is divine.

Mnangagwa has been globe trotting all over bringing nothing to show for it; a typical Mugabe trait that Zimbabweans condemned.

To outdo Mugabe, Mnangagwa has created a super structure of permanent secretaries of  ZANU PF in the  politburo. This has created a blotted structure and don't be misled for once to assume that the money to pay them does not come from tax payers' money.
Mnangagwa has lived up to  his master Mugabe on the violent module. He has exhibited he passed the module with flying colours.

On 1 August 2018, Mnangagwa administration unleashed armed military men to gun down protestors leaving six of them dead.

On 22 November Mnangagwa regime instructed police personnel to forcibly and violent evict MDC members of parliament from the August House leaving two of them hospitalised after they did not stand up when when Mnangagwa walked into parliament.

On 24 November 2018 Mnangagwa stood at the podium in Zvimba and praised Mugabe as the Founding Father of Zimbabwe and condemned everyone who thinks otherwise; typical of a true student pledging loyalty to his master and tutor publicly.

Reconstruction Act

In 2004 Justice Minister Patrick Chinamsa at the instigation of Mnangagwa fast-tracked a law called the Reconstruction Act which is commonly known as The Mawere Law. This law was used to  take over Shabani Mashaba Mines from business tycoon Mutumwa Mawere.

Enter Ziyambi Ziyambi. This fellow called Ziyambi has been all over the show trying to outdo his predecessor Chinamasa. Whereas Chinamasa dealt with Mawere, Ziyambi has appointed administrators for Air Zimbabwe and Hwange colliery.  

Very typical off a chip off the old block

Victims of Shabani Mashaba, Air Zimbabwe and Hwange Colliery are not just watching but they are crying and praying, and God and gods will never take the cries of the innocent lightly.  Wives of workers and former workers are crying and the cry has reached the heavenlies.
Mnangagwa and Mugabe regime are mirrors of each other  like Siamese twins.


At this point I therefore proffer to anyone reading this piece that Mnangagwa is a chip off the old block. An apple does not fall far away from the tree. Mnangagwa is a trained trusted and obedient disciple of Mugabeism.

He is an old leftover fart of the despot. A dangerous person to put our lives in his hands as a nation.

Stanley Dube is the station manager of The 1873 FM radio based in Sandton South Africa. He writes in his personal capacity.

Source - Stanley Dube
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