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War vets are worse than Zedera

20 Dec 2018 at 19:16hrs | Views
The Secretary General of the former liberation fighters, Victor Matemadanda, is never short of coming with something ridiculous.What he smokes is a mystery .This time he is calling for a legislation that will bar those that call for an extension of sanctions to be barred from participating in elections .He calls such people economic saboteurs ,but who is the biggest saboteur here?

War veterans have been receiving allowances and pensions from the government.They also receive educational assistance for their grand children and great grand children for l doubt they have their own children in school unless they are studying for PhDs cause honestly it does not make sense that people who came back from the war in 1980 still have children in school.

In 1997 the war vets  were given Z50 000 gratuity as compensation for their contribution to the liberation war .Some started businesses which are still in existence while others spent their cash like confetti as they hired buses on drinking sprees.More than 20 years later Victor Matemadanda makes another demand ,banks should give war vets what he terms 'friendly loans' to empower them! Let us not forget these people each year receive free farm inputs like fertilizer which finds its way on the black market.

In 2014 war vets submitted a paper to the Parliamentary Portifolio Commitee on Defence and Security demanding the government pay each of them US $18 000 .The government is hard pressed for cash but they don't stop their demands . There is also a trend by the Zanu pf led government to increase the allowances and pensions before each election time for war vets act as a reactionary force in the villages where they threaten villagers on who to vote for lest they go back to war again .

So,my question here is who is the bigger economic saboteur here?Going to join the liberation war was trying to correct the detested system under colonial white rule.As it stands now it seems these people did not go to war because of patriotism but had mercenary instinct in them .After their windfall in 1997 the Zimbabwe dollar plunged 71% in value on a day that became known as 'Black Friday'.The Zim dollar never recovered but continued to lose value until it was phased out .

Victor Matemadanda is not in any way qualified to call anyone an economic saboteur ,if there is one it is him and his band of people who think Zimbabwe
belongs to them.
The Zanu pf conference has come with another shocker ,war vets to receive more  money and more land.They have said sanctions are hurting the economy ,but what about their ludicrous unending demands from these war vets.Some of them are more like soldiers of fortune  .They are hurting the economy more than the sanctio

Source - AT Kadada
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