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Can we hope when there is no hope?

27 Dec 2018 at 18:38hrs | Views
The Zanu pf dominance in local politics became lesser after the emergence of MDC as a formidable opposition party . The opposition party appealing across all races, all tribes as well as all classes of the society revived the hope Zimbabweans had earlier abandoned in the late 80s after they had realized Zanu pf was concerned about power, greedy as well as living the life of those they had replaced .

Hope was in sight,MDC had taken Zanu pf to the cleaners in their first election participation. Zimbabwe's only known President by then would unleash Zanu pf thugs on the opposition. lnstead of fixing the economy Mugabe and Zanu pf would come with all thuggery skills they could use to make sure no one, no other party would lead the Zimbabwe government apart from Zanu pf.

The strong opposition never gave up, winning but denied by none other than our current President using the military to violently campaign for them .Munangagwa has chaired the JOC(Joint Operations Command), a structure most efficient in war time, but now brought to full throttle to fight the opposition.When he sings the reformist song it is all a gimmick,he wants to fool the outside world. He is no reformer,he is Mugabe's protege, he mastered all the skills and perfected them to make sure Zanu pf will be in power hence his language that the opposition will "bark and bark" while they rule.

As it became clear Zanu pf could not be dislodged from power people again lost interest in politics,voter apathy could be witnessed in urban areas.ln rural areas traditional leaders would shepherd their subjects to the polling stations ,opposition members in rural areas hiding in mountains as the military and Zanu pf youths unleashed violence on all MDC linked members .

Fast forward to November, 2017 when the only known Zimbabwe leader was removed in a 'soft coup'. This is a misnomer, it was not soft ,people lost lives but being denialists they will deny. Munangagwa now preached reform to the world, he travelled meeting Zimbabweans who had sought refuge in foreign lands. He promised change, he would not be like his predecessor. Elections would be free and fair . There is no way elections in Zimbabwe can be free when the playing field is not level. ZEC is a Zanu pf extension and they will be the referee just like in Mugabe's time.

The 2018 elections witnessed a large turnout ,the numbers including young people who now hoped like every one else things would change.

Yes, there has been change brought by the Junta leader. Zimbabwe is worse than the same time he took over. Innocent unarmed people are shot by their own Army and the government like always comes with a dubious Commission with Zanu pf apologists sitting to deliberate on the issue they know points to none other than Zanu PF .

All hope is gone again. Festive season a time to rejoice and hope again is like a primitive era, a grown up rejoices that he or she managed to get "Cokes" for Xmas. Yes, Coke of all things .

Source - AT Kadada
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