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'You will never rule Zimbabwe,' Mnangagwa once told Kembo Mohadi

04 Mar 2019 at 07:01hrs | Views
When VP Kembo Mohadi presidential ambitions cropped up at a Zanu-PF rally in Mvuma on 10 Feb 2018, Mnangagwa dismissed it with a joke that was not a joke.

He told VP Mohadi that in order to be the President of Zimbabwe, "firstly you have to be given a death sentence and escape it, secondly you should survive nine Presidential youth interface rallies, thirdly you should be poisoned and survive and lastly you should be a border jumper before coming back".

Politics being a game of tricks and deceptions, President Mnangagwa withheld one fundamental issue that qualifies an individual to be  President of Zimbabwe.

Through ignorance and little understanding of Zimbabwe politics and failure to grasp Mnangagwa' s coded message, Mohadi,  expressed his desire for the office of the President again on 23 February 2019.

Now, it is because of this telling  ignorance on the side of Mohadi that MLO has decided to  chip in and assist him  to have a better understanding of the Zimbabwe political landscape.

It is also our hope that along this discourse a few Matabeles that are still struggling to comprehend Zimbabwe politics will also learn.

As for Kembo Mohadi, he must not be deceived by the rapturous applause that he receives from the people of Mashonaland every time he introduces Mnangagwa to the crowds.
That should be taken for what it is, a show of appreciation for being a good praise singer for Mnangagwa and recognition of the most obedient Matabele who knows his place.

It must not be mistaken to a gesture of acceptance for Mohadi to be a preferred presidential candidate for Zanupf or country.

The truth of the matter is, if by any miracle, Kembo Mohadi is announced as President of Zanupf and Zimbabwe, that would be the very day Zanupf will die.

Shona people will desert it in droves to join MDC Alliance or any other opposition party led by a shona person.

They will not leave their beloved party due to Mohadi' s political ineptitude or incompetence but because of his ethnicity, a fundamental issue that Mnangagwa withheld from Kembo Mohadi and one that qualifies an individual to be the President of Zimbabwe.

In case they would choose to save their party, they will do to him what they did to Joshua Nkomo in the 1980s. Call him names like "Tumbuhuru" , "Father of dissidents" or "enemy of the state". Send Zimbabwe National Army 5th Brigade to assassinate him, and then escape to exile dressed as a woman.

To give a recent example of an event that took place in the MDC T/ MDC Alliance, they would perform a Thokozani Khupe on him. Refer to him as a dissident and tell him point blank that no Ndebele will ever rule Zimbabwe, attempt to burn him in a thatched hut and finally chase him away from  Harare to Bulawayo.

Shonas want one of their own, who would maintain the status quo. That is, one who would act as gate keeper, promoter and enhancer of shona supremacy.

Let us say through another miracle he wakes up one morning and finds himself as President of Zimbabwe. How is he going to command the security system?

I mean the Zimbabwe National Army, Zimbabwe Airforce, CIO, Police and the Zimbabwe Prisons whose top leadership is staffed with anti- Matebele leaders who have Matabeleland genocide as CVs?

Not only that, they also have  a taste for coups, and their previous Commander in Chief, RG Mugabe is a living example of a coup victim.  We bet Mohadi  won't last 2 days in the President office.

In Zimbabwe you can be a perennial failure and womaniser like Tsvangirai. Spend over US$ 3,5 billion donor's funds but deliver no results. But all that does not matter to the shona people. As long as you have a shona  surname it is fine.

You can be a brutal dictator and murderer like Robert Mugabe and that does not mean anything to shona people as long as you have the right surname.

You can be a cruel coup engineer like Chiwenga and Mnangagwa and send soldiers to kill innocent people. That is not a problem to shona people as long your surname is acceptable to them it is ok.

You can be childish like Nelson Chamisa, you would be regarded as mature leader and best foot forward, as long as your surname is shona.

We warn VP Mohadi not to read too much into South African political set up where Cyril Ramaphosa, a man from the minority of minorities, Vhenda, has taken over presidency. South Africans govern themselves. They got rid of the apartheid system and replaced it with democracy. All are equal and legible to  contest and occupy any position in society including that of President.

Zimbabwe is a different ball all together. The white minority supremacy system was replaced with shona majority supremacy system which is far worse than the former. Here, tribalism rules the roost.

As part of self introspection, VP Mohadi should ask himself why his lone horse campaign for presidency is not backed even by Matabeles or anyone else.

The Zimbabwe media, political analysts and Zanupf supporters have named Rtd Chiwenga as the man to take over from Mnangagwa in  2028, Rtd General SB Moyo to take over from Chiwenga in 2033. Add Mnangagwa' s 10 years + Chiwenga 10years + SB Moyo 10 years to  Mugabe's 37 years in power then you have 67 painful years of shona supremacy. Factions within Zanupf solidly confirm the above. This is scary if you are Matabele, is it not?

Moreover, no faction has brought forward Kembo Mohadi' s name, let alone mention it in the same sentence with succession. Not even by mistake.

MLO will never allow this political nonsense to continue one more year. The people of Matabeleland should know that no one will descend from heaven or emerge from underground to save them from shona oppression. The oppressive shona supremacist system will never voluntarily set us free.

Let us throw away the garment of fear and put on the armour of bravery and fight for our independence.

On the same note we invite Cde Kembo Mohadi and other Matabele prodigal Sons to come back home. It is never too late!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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