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Unfit and untrustworthy Ncube! God have mercy on MDC

16 Mar 2019 at 21:04hrs | Views
Good leaders are born and not created. A good leader has to be confident, principled, constructive, honest, transparent democratic and fair just to mention but a few attributes. All the above attributes are lacking in professor Welshman Ncube. Yet he is very ambitious and power hungry.

Welshman Ncube is not fit to hold any political office because he lacks confidence in himself. In 2005 after the split from the United MDC Ncube invited Professor Arthur Mutambara to come and lead his splinter MDC party. Such a coward can not lead. He betrayed the Ndebeles. His action of coopting Mutambara because of his being Shona is a clear testimony that Ncube has no confidence in himself. Therefore his actions in this regard clearly shows that he is tribalistic and strongly believes that no Ndebele is able to lead. Such a character who even doubts his leadership credentials can't be left to lead. He is a danger to our society.

Ncube as a leader is not principled. He left the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai with the aim with the aim of giving power to the Ndebele but only to rescind that decision by adopting a Shona as a leader. His lack of principle left his party without any relavance to the struggle. Ncube's lack of principle manifested what he truly is, a tribalist. He is a racist who doesn't even belief in himself. What Ncube is only good at is self destruction. Instead of bringing up and naturing things, he destroys them. By believing that Ndebeles could not lead Zimbabwe is one of the worst crimes he has done. No Ndebele would vote such a tribalist who lacks principle and conviction.

As a person Ncube has proven to be a very destructive person. He tried to destroy the original MDC by splitting it. He looted vehicles and assets from the real MDC and destroyed them. Today there is not a single asset left in the name of the MDC. He just came back to the Alliance with nothing, not even a single asset. He just brought himself and the title principal. As a well documented destructor his main aim is to destroy the MDC from within. This we will not accept as party cadres who have spent most of our time trying to built a united MDC. Ncube must not be allowed in any structure of the party because he is a threat to the stability of the party.

Welshman Ncube seems not be honest. He lacks transparency. It is imperative that one has to live a clean life so as to get trust and respect. However Ncube lacks financial clarity. He is a crooked leader. He cannot account for the vehicles he looted from the MDC. His financial dealings at his party were shrouded in secrecy. Can such type of a person be allowed in our MDC again? No! Never! We need honest and transparent cadres who are dedicated to the cause of the Movement. Letting a person of Ncube's calibre into our party of choice is tantamount to allowing a weevil in the midst of grain. If allowed to contest in our congress Ncube deserves a no vote.

MDC is all about democracy. Democractic tendencies are hard to come by Ncube. Ncube dismissed anyone who challenged his ideas.  Mzila Ndlovu rightly quoted that his dismissal from the party by Ncube was the hallmark of a dictatorial style of administration. He argues that Ncube does not want consensus but only his views to be endorsed. Such a character cannot be allowed to take a leadership position in the MDC that he dumped. Such an autocratic leader has no place in the democratic movement.

Ncube lacks political judgment. He fails to realize his blunders which has affected growth of his party. His ineptitude can not be incorporated into the MDC. He uses every opportunity to enrich himself at the expense of his followers. To him the party has to benefit him not the other way around. As democrats we would do ourselves a disservice if we voted him into any leadership position.

Ncube has been practicing nepotism in his MDC. We can not allow him to bring that into our movement. He ran his MDC like a tuckshop. He is coming back to the MDC that he once looted with nothing. Surely we cannot allow him to loot again and leave the movement far worse than what he did in the first place. Remember he took 123 cars and other assets. We cannot allow him do it again.

The people of Matebeleland have refused him on several occasions. He is not a unifier. He is devisive in nature and that character if  we allow him in the presidium we will be left licking our wounds. He is good at his game very cunning indeed.

If we are to remain united and hope to unseat Zanu PF we need to away with Ncube today not tomorrow.

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Source - Hlonipani Masuku
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