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#PfeeExit Movement plots to oust Mnangagwa

30 Mar 2019 at 12:02hrs | Views
Comrades and Friends Zimbabwe is under attack, the country is now at the mercy of Pfeerorism. A systematic order of terrorism, tyranny,  double standards,  deception and massive looting of public coffers. Comrades,  we can no longer play the victim,  neither can we continuously blame ZANU PF. ZANU PF has been captured and those who love and believe in ZANU PF are perplexed by the prevailing state of Pfeerorism.

Hiring Private Jets on futile exercises such as Eurasia trip was laughable and plain nonsensical. Air Force of Zimbabwe could have used that money to pay for a national private jet that would serve as Zim1 of the skies.

Austerity for posterity is not working,  our civil servants are under paid,  MPs are struggling and poor which makes them prone to corruption,  bribery and other vices which make it difficult for them to effectively execute their oversight role. Our hospitals are on their knees while our President makes trips that are of no value to the nation.

Our War Veterans thought they would be empowered,  respected and honoured by ED Mnangagwa but he seems to respect and honour only his sons and relatives, while everyone else battles for the scarce breadcrumbs.

Students,  persons with disabilities and everyone who attended an Emmerson Mnangagwa campaign rally is disappointed, enraged and in need to leadership. Everyone said let's give him time,  but the broken promises are too many and too much. We graduated from a Banana Republic to a Mafia Republic. Surely it's time to reclaim our nation.

We need to reclaim Zimbabwe from the jaws of Pfeerorism. Zimbabwe deserves better. Let's take over the country,  let's show leadership in our spheres of influence. Let's donate to local hospitals and get them working again,  corrupt police officers,  non performing officers must be exposed and excommunicated from our communities. As a people let's hold hands and create strong communities,  strong institutions that take nonsense from no one.

ZANU PF stand up , you might wake up to a clowns r us party in the name of restructuring and have emotionally unstable characters at the helm of your provinces. Military personnel your seasoned commanders are now estranged from you,  are your loyalties to the Republic or to the paymaster?  The military uniform has lost its dignity and honour to this government which has reduced our service men and women into Pfeerorists and pathetic liars. Pray for Charity Charamba,  those pathetic lies must have left a dent on her conscience and soul.

Let's get together and reclaim Zimbabwe. Pfeerorism days are numbered,  days of political polarisation are numbered,  days of economic gibberish without fundamental are numbered. Let's reclaim and rebuild our nation as a single impenetrable unit. This starts with Impeaching Emmerson Mnangagwa and demanding a unity government or Transitional authority to replace him. This is what we should have done in November 2017 , let's fix the collective mistake we made of endorsing Dambudzo.

Joseph Tingwini

Source - Joseph Tingwini
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