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Don't look at Chamisa through Zanu-PF lenses

03 May 2019 at 07:56hrs | Views
Zimbabwe needs a young leader to take us away from this situation brought upon by Zanu-PF rogue elements.Chamisa, whether Zanu-PF or war vets come up with suggestions he is immature  is  what  our country needs. What have the mature leaders in Zanu-PF done for Zimbabwe apart from destroying what was left of the Smith era?

Zanu-PF and war vets and together with those beneficial from unscrupulous deals see Chamisa as an obstacle.They don't want the status quo to change,they are living at largesse while people wallow in abject poverty .

They have stolen people's dreams ,while their kids flaunt wealth in the diaspora yet they will tell a local youth to guard his sovereignty. What sovereignty when there are no jobs,prices keep going beyond the reach of ordinary folk ,electricity is scarce ,the water that comes out of our taps is so dirty,the roads they found in 1980 well maintained have become everyday death traps.

Then we have the Zanu-PF mouthpieces masquerading as national newspapers giving acres of space on negative news that will attack Chamisa.They tried it on the late revered Father Zimbabwe, Dr Nkomo,on Dr Tsvangirai and anyone who they deemed anti Zanu-PF.

Let people not be fooled by those from  Zanu-PF but hiding in MDC structures that sing Zanu-PF tunes that Chamisa is undemocratic. It is a clear Zanu-PF tune .

They are obsessed with Chamisa,they fear Chamisa,Chamisa is a threat to their avarice which has no limit .

People decided long ago not just this recent plebiscite that they are tired of a rogue party called Zanu-PF.A big mistake was done to fall for Munangagwa,s narrative of his great escape ,he should have escaped and not to come back!

To the Junta leader l call upon you to do something to show you worthy of a leader.On the contrary you have proved you are a replica of your predecessor but in a worse version.Power is what you waited for in Mugabe's shadows not to take the nation forward ,you and Zanu-PF destroyed.

Richer nations are being led by young leaders ,France ,Austria come to mind even our neighbours ,Mozambique and Botswana yet you and war vets have the audacity to say Chamisa is immature.
Zimbabwe is behind because of this oldguard which clings to power and does not embrace changes .

Chamisa should be seen through people's own own eyes not Zanu-PF or war vets lenses ,who ironical do not want scrutiny of their ways which have brought Zimbabwe to this pathetic state.

Source - AT Kadada
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