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Chamisa still bitter of ED betrayal on GNU - hypocrites who continue betraying masses

06 May 2019 at 19:24hrs | Views
Nelson Chamisa has once again reiterated the claim that Mnangagwa betrayed the promise he made to the late MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai to form a government of national unity following the November 2017 military coup.

"It is tragic that some would choose to score very cheap political points after snatching power at Tsvangirai's funeral wake," responded Nick Mangwana, jumping to the defence of Mnangagwa.

"There was never a discussion regarding a transitional authority and all conversations including television interviews were on getting the transition by the obtaining provisions of the Constitution."

Poor Nick Mangwana he clearly did not think this one through! He is accusing Chamisa of snatching power from the dead Tsvangirai he must save the hottest hell for his boss, Mnangagwa who has snatched power from the living at gun point and worse still beaten, raped and even murdered the innocent to secure power.

Mnangagwa snatched power from Mugabe in a military coup and eight months latter snatched it from the people of Zimbabwe by rigging the elections. When the people dared to protest yet another rigged elections, he set the murderous thugs on the people to harass, beat and even to shoot to kill!

The November 2017 military coup was not the first coup Mnangagwa has staged, the first coup was against none other than Tsvangirai and the MDC party to stop them assuming power after Zanu PF lost the March 2008 elections. Mnangagwa and his thugs forced ZEC to reduce Tsvangirai's 73% vote count, according to Mugabe's own Freudian slip, to 47% to force a run-off. During the run-off Zanu PF used wanton violence to force the people to vote for Mugabe.

Indeed, Zanu PF has never held free, fair and credible elections ever since the party got into power in 1980. The party has denied the people of Zimbabwe the basic freedoms and rights including the right to meaningful say in the governance of the country and even the right to life itself. Zanu PF has murdered over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans to create and retain the de facto one-party dictatorship and its iron grip on power.

Of all the Zanu PF leaders, Mnangagwa has certainly played a major role in all the party's corruption, vote rigging and political violence and thuggery. His hands are blight red with the shed blood of the innocent! It is shocking that Morgan Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa and the MDC leaders had no qualms shaking Mnangagwa's blooded hands as long as they got a share of the spoils of power!

Mnangagwa and his coup gangsters insisted the November 2017 military coup was NOT a coup but rather a "military assisted transition"! Morgan Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa, MDC MPs and other leaders were first to express their support of the coup and we know why - they had cut a deal with Mnangagwa to share the spoils of power!

There was no constitutional basis for calling off the elections in favour of a transitional government. None!

The military coup was illegal and Justice George Chiweshe's ruling claiming the coup was "legal, justified and constitutional" was nonsense. Judge Chiweshe did not to quote the chapter and verse of the Zimbabwe constitution authorising a coup because there is no such chapter and verse!

The people of Zimbabwe risked life and limb to elect MDC leaders into power on the understanding the party will bring about the democratic changes necessary to guarantee free, fair and credible elections. The party has had many golden opportunities, especially during the 2008 to 2013 GNU, to implement the democratic reforms to achieve this. Mugabe has bribed the MDC leaders with the trappings of the gravy train lifestyles and the forgot about the reforms.

MDC leaders should have condemned the November coup and insisted on the need to implement all the democratic reforms before the holding of the 2018 elections. By participating in the flawed and illegal elections the MDC gave the process some modicum of credibility. Nelson Chamisa had hoped Mnangagwa would reward him with a gravy train position in the illegitimate Zanu PF regime.

So Nick Mnangagwa can see the speck in Chamisa's eye for snatching power from the dead but not yet buried Tsvangirai. The hypocrite does not see the logs in his boss Mnangagwa's eyes who has ridden roughshod of the nation's freedoms, human rights and dreams and has murdered over 30 000 Zimbabweans to be president.

Meanwhile Nelson Chamisa was the audacity to accuse Mnangagwa of betrayal because the murderous thugs did not share the spoils of power in the November 2017 military coup and 2018 rigged elections with him! MDC betrayed the nation by failing to implement even one democratic reforms in all its 19 years on the political stage. What a hypocrite, he is fuming that Mnangagwa betrayed him by failing to form a GNU after the coup and after the rigged elections but ignores his betrayal of the nation by abandoning the demand for free, fair and credible elections.

Zimbabwe is in a serious political and economic mess because the nation has had the great misfortune to being ruled by hypocrites, on both sides of the political divide. What the people of Zimbabwe must now realise is that they cannot count on Zanu PF or MDC to get the nation out of the mess, the two parties are full of hypocrites who only care about securing power for themselves and do not care about truth, justice and the commonwealth.

The people of Zimbabwe must find some other leaders, not Zanu PF and MDC, to implement the reforms to ensure free, fair and credible elections or Zimbabwe will never get out of the mess the country is stuck in.

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