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Mnangagwa in a dilemma

16 May 2019 at 12:22hrs | Views
It seems it is continually pouring for the incumbent President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Dambudzo (E.D) Mnangagwa  who is failing to keep his house in order.

Since his inauguration last year, E.D has been in the spotlight for being the villain who is running down the country faster than a mudslide.

Millions of Zimbabweans within and outside Zimbabwe are weeping and gnashing their teeth for their beloved Zimbabwe which most political analysts refer to now as a failed state.

Regardless of ED having embarked on a number of investment summits it seems as if the investors are still not convinced that Zimbabwe is a country that is worth investing in.

Even the investment summit that he hosted in South Africa last year with Zimbabwean business personnel  is still in the doldrums.

The cost of living is getting unbearable as each day passes reminiscing the 2008 period which other people are already mimicking to.

E.D 's other problem is also not having faith in his own people for instance, the Matapi flats in Mbare Harare are being renovated by a company from the Asian Peninsula yet they are Zimbabweans who have companies and experience to render the same service.

So if E.D does not believe in the services of his own people then there is no way that he can expect his country to thrive.

Even the other African countries seem to be questioning his leadership skills. The United States of America and the United Kingdom are yet to remove the sanctions that they imposed on the "house of stones" two decades ago.

As other political analysts are hinting, maybe it is the right move for E.D to resign and pass the baton to someone who can be able to rejuvenate Zimbabwe.

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Source - Daniel Itai
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