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Same crime two laws, what a shame!

19 May 2019 at 09:49hrs | Views
Dear ZRP Commissioner General

The publication in today's Chronicle of the arrest a fraudster who cheated a home seeker of R470 000 left me with a lot of questions on the universal application of the law especially by our policemen hence my writing to you Mr Commissioner General.

In Bulawayo its called "Fraud" which is a very serious offense but in Harare its called a "Civil Case" which doesn't even warrant police involvement! Sometime in 2013 I fell victim to a car sale advert in The Herald. The advertiser sent me photos and assurances that the car was in " showroom condition, kick and go" I paid him 90% of the agreed price via electronic transfer after he pleaded with me that he wanted to repair a leaking roof of his house in "Belvedere West". The remainder I was bringing it as cash on that very same day as I had to travel from Bulawayo.

I got to Harare around 7pm and to my biggest surprise there was no showroom condition car instead was shown  some junks may only suitable for scrap metal purposes. The guy told me the car I wanted had been bought by somebody blaa blaa. I told him I wanted my refund which he promised to pay in two day's time since he had already used the money. The commitment to refund me was made in writing on the agreement of sale sheet. Since that day I have tried hard to have my refund back but to no avail. My worst experience was when I approached the Central Police Station for assistance. Believe there was total discord the officers there almost fought amongst themselves with some saying this is a typical fraud case and others saying its a civil case. I was eventually referred to the civil court.

Surely there is no justice for the poor as I the victim was made to pump out more money. What drained the energy out of me was the payment of USD500 for the Deputy Sheriff to attach property in Belvedere West just by the NSS! As a result of these exorbitant fees the conman is still loose and conning many more people of their hard earned cash. Thank you Bulawayo Police Officers for bringing these white collar criminals to book.

I repeat one country two laws is not good for industry and commerce. Fraudsters must face the full wrath of the law and its the duty of policemen to safeguard the ordinary men against these jackals!

Thank You

Munya Shumba

Source - Munya Shumba
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