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Zanu-PF stance on Dabengwa correct

30 May 2019 at 15:38hrs | Views
The corruption riddled ZANU PF party MPs whose clueless Government has impoverished and pauperised the entire nation were after all correct in their childish pettiness. A cabal that has driven millions into the region were undocumented Zimbabweans are glorified slaves is not worthy to salute Dr Dumiso Dabengwa. South Africa has borne the greatest burden of this mismanagement as millions are roaming its streets fleeing their independence. A tribal clique with an anti-Zimbabwe mindset that thrives on chaos and tribalism and whose unpratriotic tendencies have seen Zimbabwean women shamelessly jostling to purchase used underwear from all over the world cannot comprehend the values of Dabengwa. A vile and vitriolic conglomerate of semi-literate usurpers has neither knowledge nor understanding that all Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation  can be and must be heroes. Their pathetic and self-serving gesture of disrespect for Dabengwa is the same fuel that feeds secessionist agendas which clearly shows their shallowness and emptiness.

That they are in Parliament is a sad commentary on the electorate. Like Lookout Masuku, Dumiso does not need some shadowy grouping's recognition or elevation by a group that has ruined the country.  He is a hero that dwarfs the collective contribution of ZANLA single handedly.  Apart from the Gukurahundi against babies, civilians, women and disarmed ex-ZIPRA combatants what war did the so-called Zanla people fight? Who bombed the petrol tanks in Rhodesia? ZIPRA.  Who brought down Rhodesian airlines? ZIPRA.  Who fought pitched battles for both the independence of Zimbabwe and South Africa in Wankie and Sipolilo? ZIPRA .  It is therefore understandable why the hopeless MPs could not gather enough courage to honour Dabengwa. A party full of hatred, choked with vileness and so unearthly in its vindictiveness has no business honouring  DD. They are so worthy that had they stood up the bones of all heroes like King Mzilikazi and King Lobhengula would have turned in their graves.

The UMkhonto WeSizwe cadres saluted Dabengwa in memory of his contribution to the struggle. TheZIPRA and Umkhonto WeSizwe cannot be separate by wishful thinking and the petty jealousy of a group of heroes of looting and thievery. The entire world saluted Dabengwa. Was it not this same crude gathering that referred to Dr Dr Joshua Nkomo as Father Dissidents? Was it not this same tribal party that recognised that nameless thug for booing Grace Mugabe but today finds it hard to observe a minute of silence for Dumiso Dabengwa? Was it not this same group of hopeless usurpers that desecrated the Heroes Acre by excluding true heroes such as Ndabaningi Sithole, Thenjiwe Lesabe  Lookout Masuku and Swazini Ndlovu in favour of charlatans and crooks? This is the same House that has presided over the murder and torture of political opponents because in their same minds there is no Zimbabwean outside their tribal clique. The same House that formed a genocidal militia to wipe out ZAPU supporters and Ndebele people.

Honourable Simon Khaya Moyo, Sithembile Nyoni, Kembo Mohadi and many others so compromised by this party who do you sleep at night when you remain in such an anti-united Zimbabwe party? Where is your conscience when you hear that Thenjiwe Lesabe is not a hero? All the former ZAPU members still lingering for crumbs at the feeding trouphe how do you feel when the memory of your contribution is bastardized by selfish people? Is it only about your stomachs? Make no mistake they have worse contempt for you than they have for Dr Dumiso Dabengwa.

We thank the ANC through Umkhonto weSizwe for honouring Dumiso Dabengwa. The Shona tribalism has reached levels where South Africa and the people of Matabeleland now need to work closer together. It is time that the ANC repays the contributions of ZIPRA to the independence of South Africa. It cannot be forgotten that ZANU-PF conspired with Apartheid South to unleash Gukurahundi and halt the ANC's war effort. A shameless party that has attempted with little success at history revisionist to erase its treacherous and traitorous path. That so-called Speaker in whose watch that abomination was committed indeed presided over an Aghast House. Disgusting.

Yours faithfully

Source - Nkosenhle
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