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Military crackdown: What have they achieved in Zimbabwe?

07 Jun 2019 at 10:11hrs | Views
Where the military has been used against its own people, the results have been the opposite of the intended purposes. The authoritarian rulers behind use of force against their own people never seem to learn as it has shown.

Repressive measures can only work in the short term, they usual serve the exact opposite purposes by encouraging more resistance to an oppressive regime.ln the end there will be more dissenting voices as people begin to realize that the authoritarian leadership is only in place to keep the people under a security gaze while they plunder state resources without a whim .

Libya,Venezuela, Algeria, and recently Sudan are good examples where the military has been used to crash the same people they purport to serve. The people have shown defiance.

The Zimbabwe junta has used force to crack on protesters demanding a better life. Mnangagwa has not shyed away from use of force as he things the people will be cowered. He has used the Army, he has made threats but it will not work .

It was reported Bulawayo residents woke up to heavy police presence on Monday morning as the police moved around in armored vehicles as a show of force.
This only illustrates fear within the leadership,they have reason  to be afraid .The economy is on a runaway and no solution in sight .

The Junta should not point fingers at imagined perceived enemies coming with stories of regime change. The only change demanded by the peace loving people of Zimbabwe is that the government give what they have promised jobs,real democracy, rule of law etc

The NGOs are not the enemy,social media is not the enemy ,opposition is not the enemy. The enemy is the Zanu pf party which has destroyed Zimbabwe from what they found it like. While people are struggling they flaunt wealth from corrupt activities.

The State media have worsened the situation ,instead of reporting factual things they spread falsehood in support of the junta.The Herald was awash with news of mega deals worth billions brought by the Junta leader ,where are the billions?

Zimbabwe is the only country where the economy is performing well in the media but in reality is as dead as a Dodo.

To make it worse Zanu pf and its band of sympathizers are a denialist party .Listen to Nick Mangwana talking about load shedding.If you are going to make a comparison were you said Zimbabwe is not the only country experiencing load shedding then go further.Make comparisons with other neighbors who have their own currencies,viable lndustry,basic goods are affordable,roads have no potholes,there is cash in abundance and so on otherwise shut up your mouth which is now full with Zanu pf avarice.

Zanu pf has solutions to deal with protesters not to deal with the economy .

Their swiftness to crack on the people is unmatched yet on economy solutions they are in the dark .

Source - AT Kadada
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