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Open letter to Tajamuka leaders

02 Jul 2019 at 07:52hrs | Views
Attention: Promise Mukwananzi and your entire mercenary league

Your pseudo campaign for an indefinite stayaway has dismally failed. The failure has erased the value of your organization in the eyes of the public. Like what Mahatma Gandhi once said 'Once a people's activist loses trust, he becomes worse than the victims he wished to represent'.

You have therefore lost credibility and influence. The following are the reasons why you have failed:

1. Misrepresentation

You have intentionally misrepresented the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU) and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) youth league . You lied to the whole world that the entities mention videsupra had joined forces with your organisation. This lie has therefore exposed your insincerity and bogus intentions.

2. Miscalculation

You mistakenly thought that the last shutdown was caused by the Tajamuka Pressure Group and yet we all know it was #ThisFlag Movement of Evan Mawarire. This misjudgement has costed your locus standi in the minds of the masses. Kwame Nkuruma (1963) once said 'Ghana got independence on the basis of miscalculation of the enemy and the right calculation of the blacks'. Your miscalculation has therefore eroded your influence if not existence.

3. Propaganda misfit

As Marx in his book _The Communist Manifesto_ put it 'We rise by the media, mutatis-mutandis we fall by the media'.. It is with great regret that your failure is directly lodged to your poor media outreach. Your influence is minimal and has vis-a-vis gone unnoticed by the local media. Propaganda from the few social media outlets is infact fighting you. They have exposed your dishonest intentions of making money through donors in the name of demonstrations!

4. No endorsements

In your attempt to arouse the Nation, you lacked endorsements from the Icons e.g Political Parties, Religious leaders,  Media influencers and Trade Unions. Alone you are too small to move the whole nation into mayhem .

5. Diaspora mismatch

You are calling for demonstrations whilst you are in the comfort of another country. Zimbabweans need a hero who fights from the front physically . A person who is not afraid to stand with them and stay with them in their struggle.

I therefore call upon you to revise your script and join progressive Zimbabweans in strategic initiatives for our beloved country!

Africa's Employer

Source - Erasmus Pongo
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