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'Ignorance of failing to see sanction will go if have free elections, makes us a laughing stock' admit prodigal son

20 Aug 2019 at 15:29hrs | Views
"At the heart of Zimbabwe's tragedy, is the existence of adults who lack the critical thinking to understand that SANCTIONS will go away if Mnangagwa simply followed the Zimbabwean constitution. Such ignorance is frightening & makes us a laughing stock!" twittered Hopewell Chinono.

I had to read the twitter three times just to be certain I understood the statement because coming from Chinono; who until now was an ardent Mnangagwa apologist, to put it mildly; speaks volumes. Of course, Chinono is right!
Indeed, given the many stories of billions of dollars the nation has lost and continue to lose to this day through corruption; it beggars belief that anyone still failed to see that sanctions was just a Zanu-PF five-legged hare. In 2016 former President Robert Mugabe admitted the nation was being swindled out of US$15 billion in diamond revenue. No nation can afford that level of economic haemorrhage especial one with a mere US$ 10 billion GDP like Zimbabwe!
Of course, sanctions were always a feeble excuse for decades Zimbabwe's economic meltdown, which predates the sanctions anyway, but Zanu-PF has religious stuck to sanctions because it had no other excuse. Mnangagwa had even talked his fellow SADC leaders to once again go hunting with him for this five-legged hare, sanctions. The leaders, in their infinite wisdom, have instructed the SADC Secretariat to formally ask the AU and UN to back the regional body in demanding the lifting of the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.
One can only imagine the consternation Chinono's twitter is causing in Zanu-PF circles, given that many of the party's hardliners counted him as one of their own. There will be no such consternation amongst SADC leaders, most of them are fools and therefore the twitter will make them look their normal selves!
As for Hopewell Chinono, this is certainly your Saul to Damascus moment! You used to praise this Mnangagwa regime to the high heaven; what brought about this up this tectonic political drift? Was it the disappointment at being left out of the Mnangagwa gravy train?

Was it the hyperinflation; the countless romantic dinners because of 18 hours a day every day ZESA load-shedding; shortages of fuel, bread, etc.; etc?

Well whatever cause the bolt of inspiration and opened your eyes Chinono; we, the long suffering povo, welcome like the errant prodigal son you are! Of course, it is a tragedy and a crying shame that so many Zimbabweans have fooled into taking off their eyes from rigged elections, corruption and other teething national problems in pursuit of sanctions, the five-legged hare.

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