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'Man from the gods?'

01 Sep 2019 at 20:26hrs | Views
In the 'Exodus address' he presented after the Nation's throng into the streets 'to end the Mugabe-rule,' the man tipped to succeed the long-time ruler sold himself as 'a democrat and reformist like second nature.' Drawing on biblical authority and pronouncing the ancient dictum, '"The voice of the people is the voice of God",' (Vox populi vox Dei), he had many lured into political naivety by his seemingly progressive notion of leadership with some expressing immediate admiration of the man as "one from the gods". Who was to know the quote was just 'rhetoric of a false-penitent and a self-styled progressive' he sold to hoodwink Zimbabweans and the world?

In cheer and chant, the happy throng celebrated what they saw as 'a fresh and a newly opened chapter of the Nation's narrative.' History had given Zimbabwe, in more than three decades, 'an autocrat for a leader' and his unceremonious ouster meant that 'dictatorial control and the barbarity of his era was a thing of the past.' Amid the momentous event of Mugabe's dethronement, did great excitement about the fall of the mighty Mugabe 'indicate approval of the of man on the rostra?' I wonder.

With his 'ascendency to power pre-arranged by the army,' to win the loyalty of Zimbabweans, a reformist-impression was crucial. And in the most 'inconspicuous and cunning manner,' the citing of the '"Vox populi vox Dei"' maxim was to make that claim that pulled the wool over the eyes of Zimbabweans. Once 'right-hand man to a tyrant,' the quote above formed part of his easy escape from his demon-shadow. It drew 'a pharisaic-parallel' between himself and his predecessor alleging to be of a better style of leadership contrary to his long-time partner in crime. 'What better way to camouflage one's flaws and questionable history?'

Knowing that 'Zimbabweans were ready to embark on a new course and embrace a fresh look at the future,' to reignite a glint of hope amongst the people, the phrase set a believable 'founding ethos of a new mode of government, supposedly God-fearing and people-respecting.' For the citizenry it meant a break from the past and a restoration of their long-lost rights, freedoms and dignity. At last, people would be free to express themselves and make their voices heard without repression. Who was to know the ravening wolf had come under the guise of sheep's clothing?

'Finally, his own nature caught up and showed through the guise.' When Zimbabweans took to the streets on alleged fraud in the country's election, on August 01, 2018, the "Vox populi vox Dei" principle was 'belied by the violent crush of protest and army shootings.' The self-styled advocate of reform threw away all pretence and, 'in his predecessor's style, sanctioned state terror and killings.' The gunning down of protestors was testament to the real nature of the man presiding over the Second Republic, 'his inhumane and hostile style of ruling.'
In the August 01 fashion, protests on deteriorating living standards and the mishandling of the economy held in January 2019 'were met with the tyranny of the First Republic and the most shocking brutality.' Since then, civilians have been subjected to a series of unwarrantable acts of state harassment, assault and arrest. Routinely interfering with peoples freedoms and reacting brutally to displeased citizens had soon become the hallmark of the new regime. What is more, keen to maintain the status quo and not depart from the Mugabe style of rule, August 16, 2019 saw demonstrations by disgruntled citizens against government's failure to respond to the practical needs of the people receive 'a violent suppression that ended with defenceless civilians exposed to state brutality once again.'

"Vox populi vox Dei" and the promise of democratic changes and political transformation proclaimed by the new dispensation is 'outright mendacity and a blatant lie.' They had us fooled to believe they would restore the basic freedoms of the people, that of speech and expression. On the contrary, as we have experienced, 'expressing grievance against the regime will only reward you with abduction and torture.' Like in the old, in the new dispensation dissenting voices are to crush.

Writing in personal capacity.

Please torture me not, ndinevana.
Gift Tawanda, M

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Source - Gift Tawanda, M
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